Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19, 2009

- I hope you all had a good long weekend. The weather turned out to be quite nice, except for a bit of wind and some chilly evenings. It was a busy weekend for Lucas and I, as we had a christening for my beautiful niece Sophia on Sunday, and then a reception afterwards. And then on Monday, we went to Wellesley for a BBQ and Birthday Party for my friend Dwayne. Lucas had so much fun playing with the 20+ kids that were there, and it was a pretty relaxing afternoon for the adults, just sitting around in the back. It was a fun day, with good weather...too bad Lucas couldn't stay up late enough to enjoy the fireworks. I'm trying to decide what I liked most about Dwayne's house, and it's a toss-up between the most beautiful kitchen I've ever seen, and the urinal he's installed in the bathroom in the basement (which is referred to as 'Man Land').
- I really enjoyed the series finale of Scrubs, it was quite emotional watching it as the last episode. I had heard that it may be renewed with a new cast based around the new interns, but for all intents and purposes it was the final episode for the regulars. I come to find out this week that it has been renewed for next season by ABC, and that the cast members (including Zach Braff!) have signed on for a minimum of six episodes each. Why build up to the series finale if you're coming back!? Don't get me wrong, more Scrubs (with the regular cast) will always be fine by me, but after you get invested in closure, it's a surprise. But it will be nice to see more of the best bro-mance on TV.

- Two of the most ridiculous Entertainment News items I've heard, and they came out within minutes of each other: They are apparently making a Ghostbusters III, and Lorne Michaels is considering making a movie based on the horrible Macgruber sketches from SNL.
- Speaking of SNL, the season finale with Will Ferrell was pretty good. Not as good as the previous week's Justin Timberlake episode, but still pretty solid. Always fun to see a new Celebrity Jeopardy, and kudos to Tom Hanks for taking part.

A few final thoughts on Survivor: Tocantins since the finale was this past Sunday:

- I was concerned when the hint for one of the final immunity challenges was a spider. If it had anything to do with real spiders, I would not have been able to watch. It was tough enough watching the nature footage all season with the damn giant spiders! But that big spider maze was pretty cool. Credit to the producers for a good challenge.
- I also really enjoyed the final challenge with the ball/maze. The endurance challenges can get pretty repetitive, so I'm glad they did something that involves dexterity, like they did in the final challenge of Fans vs. Favourites with Amanda, Parvati, and Cirie.

- The Coach 'lie detector' test was laughable and absurd. Hours after the finale, it was all over the internet that the guy he went to is a known fraud whose credibility on these tests is ZERO. You'd think he would have looked into his credentials, but of course not, and now he looks like an even bigger fool.
- I've often thought that it's a shame that they don't 'deliver' the votes from the location to the Live Reunion Show in a cheesy fashion like they used to, and I was thinking that on Sunday night. On Monday morning, Dalton Ross's recap from EW.com stated almost EXACTLY word for word what I had been thinking, so I'm just going to cut and paste his words (including the video clip)...

Not quite as bummed as I am that Jeff Probst no longer delivers the votes stateside in an awesomely ridiculous manner, but bummed nonetheless. (Seriously, check out the clip below from the Vanuatu finale. Start at the three minute mark and enjoy seeing Probst bushwack, skydive, and motorcycle his way into Los Angeles. Simply amazing.)

- Over 4,000 visits and counting now. Just a reminder that the Comments section is always open. Hoping to hear from more of you!


Jenn said...

Twila? That name certainly suits her and her mullet. No offense to anyone who has a mullet.

Choirchick22 said...

Oh man I remember when they used to do that with the votes. Didn't they one year try to make it look like there were still in the same tribal council and it was like a surprise that they weren't in the jungle? :) I wish they still did that stuff!