Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

I went to see Duran Duran last year at this time in Detroit. Those of you who read here who are also friends with me on Facebook have likely seen the photo album from the trip. The night we went to Detroit for the concert (May 15, 2008), The Cure was also playing in Toronto, and my friend Laura was at that concert. (The Cure and Duran Duran on the same night in 2008? Nostalgia, anyone?) So, we took a bunch of pictures at the Duran Duran show, which turned out great since we were in the 6th row at this amazing venue, The Masonic Temple. Laura was in the first row in Toronto, and when I saw her pictures, it got me thinking how some people definitely age better than others. Take a look at these pictures of Robert Smith and Simon Le Bon from those two concerts.

Now, independent of the fact that these two men were just shy of 50 years old (each) when these pictures were taken last May, can you even comprehend that Simon Le Bon is OLDER than Robert Smith? I’m not kidding, Simon Le Bon (b. Oct. 27, 1958) was 5 months from his 49th birthday, while Robert Smith (b. April 21, 1958) had just celebrated his 49th birthday. That’s right, Simon Le Bon, who arguably looks 10 years younger than Robert Smith in these pics…is actually 6 months older!

I remember having this discussion in the car last summer with my friend Kim, who was here from New Zealand, and as I was describing how drastic the difference was, he said to me, “Well, that kind of makes sense, since Simon Le Bon is a wind-swept, yachting, sex-god. And Robert Smith….well, he’s just a fat man.”

(Now, you have to picture Kim saying it in his New Zealand accent….imagine it sounding like…‘fayt mayn”)

Thanks to Laura for the pics from The Cure show. More Duran pics from the Detroit show tomorrow.

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