Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009

- Well, I couldn't be more thrilled to have won the HPA event last night. The script was perfect, to win for the third time this season...and on my birthday, no lock up one of the top spots. It was a great night, and I had a couple of key hands, including one against Dick where I took down a lot of chips to take the lead...and a great heads-up match with Steve W. He had me outchipped at the start, and in the first few hands, took a LOT of my chips to bring me down under 100K. It was very confusing having never played him before...I was trying to adjust and not doing a very good job at all...I thought he was going to destroy me after that first few hands. But a quick double up brought us to about even in chips again, and then after I took a slight lead, on hand #22, this hand came up.

I have 79 offsuit, blinds are capped at 5,000/10,000.

Flop is K85. We both check.
Turn is 6, I have made the nut straight. He checks and I check behind.
River is an ace. He checks, and I overbet 31K into a 20K pot.
He raises to 75K. I think for a while, mumble something about him maybe making two pair, then go all-in...he instantly calls and turns over 47 offsuit for the smaller straight and my higher straight wins.

Steve played great and I enjoyed our heads-up match.

- It was brought to my attention by one of my friends (named Jenn) last night that I never specified which Jenn it is that is supposed to stop reading on my Lost ramblings. Well, to all the other Jenns that visit here, it's not away. And to Jenn K., who mentioned this last night, I feel your pain with the beats you've been taking at HPA. You've been playing great and deserve better.

- Someone emailed me to tell me that all of my 2009 posts have had 2008 in the date. Duh...not sure how I didn't notice that. They should be changed by the time you read this.

- Lucas and I watched the Duke-UNC game this afternoon. Even though Duke lost, it was a great game. Is there anything I enjoy more than watching that game with my son? I think not. What a fantastic afternoon!

- Had a couple of good sessions recently at Brantford. I lucked into a good rotation of dealers the last couple of trips...thanks to Tyler, Sean, and Chad for some good times. And March Moustache Madness rocks!

- Just a reminder that comments are open, so please feel free to post!

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