Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009

- My Lost moment of the day...I was at the grocery store today and while I was shopping, "Make Your Own Kind of Music" by Mama Cass came on, and it made me think of the season 2 premiere. All of a sudden I was visualizing Desmond's daily routine in the hatch. Great episode.

- Too bad Lost wasn't new this week, but they're back to new episodes next week. Survivor is also off next week too for the NCAA Tournament, then the following week is a clip show on Wednesday, so no new Survivor for 3 weeks. Haven't watched 30 Rock or Hell's Kitchen yet, but I'm sure I'll have some thoughts later this weekend.

- I was listening to a radio station today, and they were advertising "The Comedy Central Roast of Larry The Cable Guy." Could anything sound LESS appealing? Other than maybe 'Soundtrack by Nickelback' or 'Audiobook read by Rosie Perez'?

- Had a good day at Brantford yesterday. Glad to see that Snowman won the satellite into the big tourney in Point Edward. I predict a deep cash in a big tourney for him....very soon.

- Game 1 of the OUA Women's Hockey Championship series was last night and it was awesome! Way to go Gryphons! Any of you Guelph fans reading this, make sure to ask Maureen about 'the smurf'. She'll know what it means.

- NCAA Tournament selection show is Sunday night. I'm hoping that Duke gets placed in Dayton or Philadelphia, since they would both be driveable next week. My fingers are crossed.

- There will be more posts this weekend, keep checking back.

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Jenn said...

Do you know what could be worse? Rosie Perez singing Nickelback.