Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009

- I'll start off with thoughts on The Amazing Race, since the episode just ended. And I'll say to begin with, that watching the show on CTV tonight was a big mistake because of having to watch Ben Mulroney plug the Junos on every commercial break, including where we he interviewed Nickelback. Nasty.
- For the first roadblock, if you're showing up to have your picture taken at a zoo with a giant tiger, and the tiger's handler has ONLY ONE ARM...doesn't that concern you at all? And I'm sure all the teams were just thrilled at the footage of the elephants stepping on their butts. I mean, it doesn't matter how fit you are, if you're laying on your stomach and having an elephant step on your ass, there is going to be some was very unflattering. As was the squatting on each looked like the elephant was going to drop one right there on top of them.
- Did Mel really suggest to Mike that hey should go for a Thai massage? The gay father suggesting to the gay son? Thank God I didn't hear the phrase 'Happy Ending.'
- A lot of people don't like Jaime and Cara, and I don't agree with that at all. Sure they are ridiculously good-looking, and are portraying the ugly Americans very well this season, but I find the Hobbits to be much more annoying. They were so self-congratulatory tonight on how great they were performing, and it was just so sweet to watch them incur TWO time penalties. One is rare, and I've never seen TWO simultaneous penalties before, definitely a first for the show.
- Margie's fainting on the Pit Stop mat would have been shocking if it hadn't been previewed last week and on every CBS commercial break over the course of the week. And there was essentially nothing other than what they already showed. Very weak.

- One quick comment about Lost, and I'll be generic so Jenn doesn't have to stop reading. The episode was good, and I saw the penultimate moment in the final scene coming A MILE AWAY...but it was still totally shocking when it happened. That's good TV! If you know it's going to happen and you still! Can't wait for Wednesday.

- So, after my rant last week on Tim Micallef at The Score, I received an email from Tim Micallef himself. I'm going to post it on here in the coming days...very good response from him. I was impressed.

- The NCAA tournament has been fantastic thus far. I mean, it was disappointing to watch Duke play the worst game I have seen them play in over 15 years, but Villanova was a tough matchup. When I first saw the bracket on Selection Sunday, I said that the winner of the Duke-Villanova game wins the bracket...period. Nice to see Michigan State in the Final Four as well. It will be a madhouse in Detroit for them. Essentially a home game with 70,000 fans. Should be awesome to watch. The Become Legendary ads from Nike are quite entertaining too, especially the UNC-Illinois and Washington-UConn ones.

- Check back on Monday night because I'm posting something I'm very very excited about!

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