Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5, 2009

I’m going to start off talking about Lost this week, so on that note:


- Great episode last night. I generally don’t like the Sawyer-centric episodes because I’ve never really been a fan of his character, especially the last season-and-a-half where he basically became a wisecracking guy who just carried a gun and didn’t really do anything else. Kind of like a more mobile Jerry Orbach on Law & Order. But this was a good development to see what happened in the 3 years since John left and The Losties infiltrated the Dharma Initiative. I really like the Sawyer and Juliet couple, and I read a theory today about Horace being Jacob, which I could see making sense based on the cabin he was building in the forest in a past episode. I’ll be interested to find out who the baby is in the next episode. It was VERY exciting to see a shot (albeit brief and from behind) of the statue, which launched a whole new series of Egyptian theories related to the Island’s mythology. I’d love to post the pic of the statue, but since some people haven’t seen it yet, I won’t. The scene with Sawyer and Alpert was great, and the ‘eyeliner’ line made me laugh out loud. I can officially state now that this is my favourite season of Lost. Here is the link for this week’s Totally Lost video. As usual, I highly recommend it…and there’s a great scene at the end with Doc Jensen’s kids.


- Duke vs. UNC this weekend, final game of the ACC Season. Going to be huge, as usual, heading into the ACC Tournament and NCAA Tournament afterwards. I love that the last game of the season is always around my birthday, it always makes for a fun little birthday present to see the biggest game of the year. Someday hopefully I’ll actually be able to see the game live, because (to quote Tina Fey), “I want to go to there.”

- Yes, it’s my birthday on Saturday, and that’s the day we’re having the 10th HPA event of the year. Seems like a good script. Only 3 events left and I’m narrowly in the lead ahead of Tony and Steve. I need to stay ahead of those two guys, but the goal this weekend is to win outright. Another 1st place finish would pretty much seal the deal of finishing in the top 2.

- I watched a couple of episodes of Jimmy Fallon’s new show, and it’s not bad, but it seemed pretty obviously scripted during the first few interviews. I’m sure he’ll settle into it, but I much prefer Craig Ferguson.

- Lucas had a class play at school today, and it was great to see my little man performing on stage!

- I just found out yesterday that a good friend of mine is having some health issues, and it kind of floored me. My thoughts are with you, and I'll be sending all of my positive energy your way.


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