Saturday, February 28, 2009

February 28, 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting this week. I was sick for a few days, but the antibiotics are helping a great deal.

- TV update links at the end are at the end of the post.
- I really really enjoyed Lost this week, but as I was watching the episode (which I had taped since I was at the UW-Guelph playoff game), the last scene cut off since the station switched feeds! So I missed the last scene. Luckily my friend Tony still had it on his PVR and I was over there on Thursday, so it all worked out. Great episode, I was waiting to see what happened after John left the island.
- I'm adding a new blog on the side bar. It's called Big Man on Campus, and it's written by Greg Layson from the Guelph Mercury. Greg covers all sports but the blog is specific to the OUA, so I highly recommend it to anyone who follows university sports in Ontario. Here's a link as well.
- I played in a fundraising poker tournament this week with a field of 83 players. I got down to the final table, and with five players left, a player raised (blinds were 4000/8000) to 20K, and it was folded tome in the Big Blind. I had Ace-Jack, and knew he was raising with bad cards most of the time, so I pushed all-in for 64,000. He called (he had about 110K, so it's over half his stack), with Jack-Queen. Good news for me. Flop is 10-7-2. Turn is a 9. River is a K for him to make a straight. Bad Beat. I would have been chip leader with 5 left, but instead I finished fifth.
- Ok, here's your TV link updates:

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Have a good weekend!

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