Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009

- For any of who who are trying to link to Josh Wolk's blog's via the link on the sidebar, an error message is coming up. I contacted Josh and he's not sure why it's happening, but he's looking into it, so for the time being, if you're linking that way, you can bypass the message with a link once it pops up. I'll update once I hear back from him what the problem is.
- The Gryphons won both games this weekend to set up a home playoff date this Wednesday. Now, this is good news from a basketball standpoint of course, but now I have to miss my Wednesday Night Poker (WNP) game, which is unfortunate since I'm on a winning streak. AND, the playoff game is against Waterloo! Talk about a perfect script.
- Speaking of the Gryphons games, Happy Birthday J.T.!
- I was on may way home from the games last night and the roads were pretty greasy from the snow yesterday. Well, all of the roads except for Highway 7 between Guelph and Kitchener which was fully salted and plowed so that I could drive safely at the speed limit. However, when I came up to a line of cars coming into Kitchener, there was nearly an accident because the lead car was going only 30 KILOMETRES/HOUR in an 80! Newsflash folks, if you're in a line on the highway when someone is going THAT slow, regardless of whether it's necessary or not, and you're the last car in the line....put your HAZARDS on so that people coming up behind you have an idea that they need to slow down so drastically! Ok, rant over...
- Lucas is working on a science fair project for this week on paper airplanes. He and Kelly did a lot of work on the weekend and we're finishing it up tomorrow night. It should be great, he'll do awesome.

Rapid-fire Amazing Race Thoughts from tonight's episode:
- The Hobbits sure switched from "We're not worried, we're third" to "Holy Sh*t. No more smiles" in a hurry, didn't they?
- The Hicks just wanted a beer challenge..would that have prevented her from getting lost? And man, does she ever have some issues with a fear of him getting mad at her.
- I've never heard the Autobahn referred to as 'An American Highway' before.
- I hope Kisha and Tammy team up and become the "Little Sisters" and Victor and Kisha team up to become the "Domineering Older Siblings". Switch it up like the tribes on Survivor!
- The Using-Reverse-Psychology-On-God-To-Stop-The-Wind was total cheese.
- Jodi is seriously scary-looking. She says she's going to flirt her way through the race, but it's all I can do not to look away from the screen when she's on.
- If Andrew keeps correcting Kris on everything she says (eg:, "Australian", "Getting to done"), they will be the new dysfunctional couple we need since the first ones got eliminated last week.
- The Pies challenge wasn't as good as last week's Cheese Fiasco, but still 2 for 2 so far. It's shaping up to be a good season.

Lastly, here's another candidate for the Favourite Songs of All Time list.

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