Thursday, February 5, 2009

February 5, 2009

- One thing I remembered from January that I hadn't mentioned yet was the Baseball Hall of Fame elections. Rickey Henderson was clearly a no-brainer (get your head around that statement!), but I'm thrilled that Jim Rice finally got into the Hall of Fame. It is truly well deserved, he should have been voted in a long time ago.
- For those of you who guessed at the Concert trivia question, there were some good guesses, some bad guesses, and some downright insulting guesses (Bel Biv Devoe...really?), but here are your answers: Duran Duran (obvious, since that's what spawned the question), Foo Fighters (very easy, a number of you got this one), Sarah McLachlan (6 times), and Live (4 times). Thanks for playing along.
- Last night was my return to the WNP game after 3 weeks off since I was announcing basketball games. 21 players and 5 rebuys, it was a big game. With 9 players left, I was above average stack with no takeouts yet, but then I busted all 8 of the other players to win and notch 8 takeouts. It was a nice win after 3 weeks off. Dennis and I went heads up at the end, and since he beat me last time we were heads up, now we're 50/50.


- I didn't enjoy Lost last night as much as the first 3 episodes, but on it's own it was probably pretty good. It's just that after 3 mind-blowing episodes...well, it's a pretty tough act to follow. I wasn't that shocked by the reveal that Jin is still alive, but it will be interesting to see what effect his interaction with Rousseau's crew in 1988 will have.
- The links are active now on the sidebar on the left for those of you that want to check out the recaps. Also, check out as well. There is a contributor named Vozzek69 that always writes some great recaps as well. Today he had a great theory on the whispers/apparitions on the Island.


- I'm excited for a new season of Hell's Kitchen. The premiere was pretty good.
- Waterloo vs. Guelph this weekend at Guelph. Should be interesting with all the Waterloo regulars at the game and me announcing for Guelph now.
- I recently discovered the show Chef School on Food Network and I highly recommend it. It's about students training at the Stratford Chef School.
- I watched The Wrestler the other night on DVD (sssh...don't tell anyone) and I really enjoyed it. Mickey Rourke was great, and I have a newfound appreciation for Marisa Tomei. Seriously, anyone who has seen it, can you believe she's 45 years old?!

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