Sunday, September 20, 2009

September 20, 2009

You may be getting tired of hearing about them this week, but today's musical selection is Muse. I've already talked about the ultra-hyped appearance on the MTV VMA's last week, and the new album that came out on Tuesday, so they were the obvious choice for this week's featured artist.
I've attached two clips below. One is Starlight, my favourite single from their last album, Black Holes and Revelations. And the other one is Uprising, the single from the new album, The Resistance. Uprising is a great, catchy pop tune with a bit of an egde, and a feel of the the theme from Doctor Who resonating in the background somewhere.

My favourite part of the Uprising video is how lead singer Matt Bellamy plays the major guitar hook in the song. Every time it comes up, he throws the neck of his guitar upwards as if he's playing Rock Band and trying to go into Overdrive. (If you've played Rock Band, you'll have a good laugh.)

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