Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts this's been a rough week, but let's get back to normal, shall we?

- With the return of my favourite reality shows this month, you can expect to hear a lot more on Survivor, Amazing Race (premiering tonight, 2 hours!), and Top Chef. I was thinking of working some new shows into the mix, because some of the new fall lineup looks interesting, but other than Flash Forward, I haven't planned on anything yet. Flash Forward premiered last week, and while I recorded it, I still haven't watched it yet. It's supposed to be "The New Lost" and ABC plans on it snagging all of the Lost fans to keep them after the final season of Lost in 2010. On that note, only 4 months until Season 6! Jenn and Jeff, you two have to catch up on Season 5 before January (DVD is released December 8), because I don't want to have to make special posts for you guys since you are behind.
- Survivor is interesting so far. Russell certainly is a made-for-TV villain, and he's making people forget about Coach from last season faster than I ever could have imagined. I was pretty impressed how he found the immunity idol without any clues. That was pretty unbelievable. Yasmin is crazy, and what Reality TV show is any good without a little insanity? As always, Dalton Ross' recaps and Survivor Talk show with Josh Wolk are great to watch on the Friday following the show, but the highlight now has become Jeff Probst's blog. Here is a link to this week's blog from the host.
- Saturday Night Live was ok last night, and Megan Fox was surprisingly entertaining compared to what I expected of her. The accidental F-Shot during Biker Chick Chat was pretty funny...perhaps not the best impression for a new cast member to make on their first episode.
- Jay Mohr was guest hosting on the Jim Rome show again this week, so it was an entertaining radio show. He told a funny story about Megan Fox, actually. When he first met her, he noticed her tattoo of Marilyn Monroe on her left forearm, and joked, "That's so bizarre, because I have a tattoo of Joe DiMaggio on my right forearm." She just looked at him dumbfounded, and asked "Who's that?" So, let me get this straight, you're such a big Marilyn Monroe fan, that you had her tattooed prominently on your body...but you've never heard of the famous Hall of Fame baseball player she was married to?! She's beautiful...but really not that bright.
- The Sklar brothers hosted Jim Rome on Friday as well, and it was almost as funny as Jay Mohr. They had one line that just cracked me up, "Ed Hardy clothing looks like a clown had diarrhea in American Apparel." If you're on Twitter, follow the Sklar brothers at You're guaranteed to get at least one good laugh every day.
- Congratulations to my friend Norm, who has made two straight cashes at our monthly HPA tournaments, and won one of them. I'm kind of embarrassed I brought him into the league since he's finished higher than me all three times he's played now!
- I had been seeing commercials for the new show, Glee, on Fox. I didn't think much of it, but a friend at work told me that I would enjoy it, and I trust his opinion, so I gave it a try this week. It was VERY entertaing. I recommend you give it a shot. I've embedded a clip below, and whether you give the show a chance or not, I recommend you watch the clip, because it is hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Furf..3 things. 1)I'm really looking forward to your reviews of The Amazing Race this season! 2)Thanks for the props on my HPA finishes, but I need to remind you that one of the best poker players I ever met once told me "It's not about results in poker, it's more about the way that you play your hands" ;-) & 3)The thought of gagging Megan Fox now takes on double value from the original.

Sean said...

Everyone please resist the urge to make the obvious 'gagging Megan Fox' joke...I know I am.

Jenn said...

You know I'll get around to watching Season 5 at some point, Sean! Perhaps OSAP can pay for cable this year.

brytni said...

Glee is awesome.
My parents won't let me watch it though because it's "obviously a show for teenagers" lol so i have to tape it every week but its great! I was laughing so hard at that part. And while they were rehearsing. GREAT SHOW.

Sean said...

I thought the audition/tryout scene was even funnier, but I couldn't find a clip of it.

Rob said...

sean-the monroe tattoo on megan fox is on her right arm,so i am confused by what you wrote.Explain please.....

Sean said...

Rob, so Jay Mohr mixed up which arm it was on when he told the's still funny.

Anonymous said...

...Ehhhh. No.

People have been trying to convince me how awesome Glee is, but I know it's a musical and I'm not a big fan of musicals for a number of reasons; not the least of which is that every time the show tries to blatantly shoehorn some kind of inexplicable musical number into the story, it breaks flow, takes me out of the moment, and usually looks ridiculous.

This is the first I've ever seen of Glee, and I admit that at least they provided a reason for this impromptu Beyonce dance-a-long rather than just having someone break out into song for no apparent reason.

But still, even with the extent of my knowledge of this show being "there's singing in it", I still figured out quite early in the clip that they were going to bust out some HILARIOUS dancing to distract the team and win the big game. So I found it rather predictable and boring.

Though I did not expect the little one to do a little Beyonce shimmy in the middle of kicking the game winning field goal. That part was not predictable; it was stupid.


Sean said...


With regards to Glee, you have to give it a chance. Nobody hates musicals more than me...including you. But Glee isn't a musical, and it was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I respect, and who knows what I like. I know what you like, the kind of humour you appreciate...and trust me, you would enjoy it.

It's not a musical in the sense of some ridiculous 'bouncing basketballs in the school hallway' sense. The musical numbers all take place within the confines of the school Glee club, not just at random. In the football episode, the team joined the Glee Club to learn to loosen up, and the ridiculousness of the scene is what made it so funny.

It's not celebrating a group dance number like Cop Rock or High School Musical, it's using the musical scene as humour.

Give it a me, you'll enjoy it. If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a 6-pack of Coke Zero.

Anonymous said...

Sean, what IS your unhealthy obsession with Coke Zero??

Yes, I've heard the musical numbers aren't random outburts like most musicals, and that's a good thing. And I've heard a LOT of people touting the virtues of Glee, more than enough to make me cock and inquisitive eyebrow for it. So I'm willing to give it a shot.

I'm sure I'll stumble across it at some point and watch a full episode, because a clip isn't really a fair representation. When I do I'll come back with my thoughts and comments and what not.

Plus I think Jane Lynch is in it and she's awesome.


Sean said...

No unhealthy's just the go-to joke ever since the failed experiment to replace Coke.

Glad you'll give it a shot...Jane lynch is spectacular.