Wednesday, July 8, 2009

July 8, 2009

It's still going to be another day or two before I can get my other Event summarized for a post here, so I thought I'd post something entertaining in the meantime. In Event 54, I was busted by Hevad Khan, who was very gracious, and unlike his 2007 World Series of Poker persona.

Here's a video clip of Hevad Khan's antics from 2007, and a couple of pics of us at our table in Day 2 of Event #54.

A funny story to go along with the video. When I got home, Lucas wanted to know all about the tournament, and how I was eliminated, so I was telling him about Hevad Khan. He wanted to know who he was, so I showed him the video, which he found very funny.

He's at a golf camp this week, and when I picked him up on Tuesday, he told me about this long 20-foot that he made. And when he sunk it, he yelled "Bullllldozzzzzer! That's how we do this One Time!"

That's my boy...

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Danny West said...

I think anyone who watched the WSOP that year was yelling bulldozer for months after