Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

(My apologies for the repetitiveness of this if you followed the thread on my Facebook page)

Can someone please explain to me why last night I watched a Home Run Derby as part of the MLB All-Star game, where 25% of the participants had less than 60 Career home runs?

No...don't assume I missed a number there, you read that right. Two of the eight players in last night's Home Run Derby had less than SIXTY career home runs.

Do I even have to explain how ridiculous this is?

It's bad enough that the NBA Slam Dunk contest is generally filled with nobodies who barely see the floor in an actual game (except for Dwight Howard), but now the MLB HR Derby features such slugging legends as...Brandon Inge?
Seriously...did I need to watch him hit zero home runs last night? Who else saw that coming?

It's an insult to have last year's champion, Justin Morneau, sitting on the sidelines watching, so that he can give 'the other guys' a chance. Newsflash Justin...that's why they're the other guys! Because they can't hit home runs!

Somewhere, Craig Hodges is laughing his ass off.

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