Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

- I went golfing today with Lucas, Mom and Faye. Lucas is a natural, and he has such a perfect swing...he's going to be good. It was my first time out since last year, and even last year, I only golfed once. We did nine holes at Maryhill, and I hit 5 greens in regulation. I was hitting the ball perfectly, but couldn't putt to save my life, which is usually the opposite of my game in general. +9 after nine holes, so not bad since I haven't even swung a club in a year. I'm golfing again on Friday with Mom and Faye.
- Just a thought...there should be a mandatory punishment for any reality show contestant who ever says "Game on!" at any point in the show, either to the camera, or to another contestant.
- Similarly, there should be some sort of monetary penalty for anyone, anytime, who ever says at a poker table, either: a) "The price of poker just went up", or b) "Winner, winner, chicken dinner."
- Big Brother: I was surprised to see Ronnie not go up for will be interesting to see if he is part of a backdoor plan or not. Lydia is rapidly becoming the #1 drama queen in the house, and I didn't think it was possible after watching Chima so far, but her juvenile jealousy tantrums are funny. Who wouldn't think the tattoo-filled freak show would have a crush on the muscle-head moron jock? It was sooooo obvious. And speaking of Chima, as if people didn't think you were vapid and idiotic already, telling America they suck is never a good strategy. Just ask April from a few seasons ago.

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