Sunday, July 12, 2009

July 12, 2009

The first week of July always means one thing every summer…the new season of Big Brother. Big Brother 11 premiered this week, and some initial thoughts after the first episode:

The Good
- The Twist that allowed a previous houseguest to return to the show
- The groupings that protect players if their group wins HoH

The Bad
- The fact that Jessie won the the Twist that allowed a previous houseguest to return to the show
- Julie Chen’s excessive use of the term “super-wedgie”
- The always-lame footage of the houseguests getting their keys

The Ugly
- Julie Chen’s maternity outfit
- Laura’s ridiculously oversized boobs

I’m not happy that Jessie won, since I couldn’t stand him last season, but thank God it wasn’t Cowboy (painful to watch…just painful) or blink-and-you’ll-miss-him Brian. I was rooting for Jessica, although I found it interesting that they never mentioned whether she was still together with Eric or not.

The competition was very appropriate for a trashy reality TV show competition. Underpants and toilet seats…welcome to Lowest Common Denominator America.

The whole ‘High School Clique” thing is horrible. I’m all for the twist of having four groups, and that the people in your group are protected if you are HoH, but to name them after High School Cliques and force-feed us this theme is pretty lame.

I know we’re only one episode in, but my first impression is that this really isn’t a very likable cast. The only one I liked from the first episode was Michele, the scientist nerd. Everyone else was either annoying or completely forgettable. Flamboyant Kevin will get on my (and everyone’s) nerves in record time. Muscle Russel will just be another angry gym freak, and I’m sure he will clash with Jessie. And Chima, whose name is pronounce Shee-ma, is astoundingly appropriate considering she looks like a she-male. Spot the tranny! I win!

Now, in ‘The Ugly’ section up there, I mentioned Laura. I actually think Laura is pretty cute, although she came across as a one-dimensional shallow girl. But let’s be honest…that chest is just absurd. Tell me I’m wrong…
As I did with Survivor, I’ve made a Swiss Chalet bet with a co-worker. I have chosen Natalie as my pick, while Cheryl chose Jeff. I hope to have a new post of me enjoying a double-leg dinner in a few weeks.

The best news coming out of this new season of Big Brother is that the Entertainment Weekly recaps will be written by Josh Wolk! Here's a link to the first one. Get ready to laugh, folks…it’s going to be a fun summer.

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