Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

- Sorry for the long gap between posts. It's a been a busy week, but I'm back with a number of things to catch up on, so I'll start with my TV ramblings...
- Survivor was a bit of a surprise, since I thought Brendan was smart enough to have seen this potentially coming and use the hidden immunity idol, but I guess he didn't. Still shocking to me that he didn't toss it to Sierra as he was leaving. Let me re-phrase what just said there, The Result of Survivor was a surprise, because the actual elimination was far from it. I came home that night after being out, and before I watched my taped Survivor, I happened to check my Facebook, where Becki had written on my wall that he had been the episode was far from shocking. (For future reference, please don't spoil results for me until you know I've seen the episode) But back to the show itself, I'm enjoying Coach more and more every day, in a pathological-liar-animated-this-guy-can't-be-for-real sort of way.
- Amazing Race was full of drama with the shoving fiasco between Luke and Jen. My take on it is that it is 100% Luke's fault, and I don't think Jen was out of line saying what she said, while it was 'less than ideal'. Luke clearly hip-checked her, then elbowed her, and then shoved her into the next clue box. And there was no need for any of the above, much less all three. And then Margie made a huge scene at the Pit Stop which was out of line as well, claiming that Luke didn't deserve it because he was deaf, while they have maintained the entire race that they are just like anyone else and don't need special treatment. Very hypocritical, and then to play the (irrelevant and inaccurate) race card was just unacceptable in my eyes. Too much drama. And I don't think Kisha and Jen were laughing at Luke, so much as laughing as a way to not participate in the drama. It will be interesting to see what happens next week.
- Heroes is painful to watch...just painful.
- I'm going to talk briefly about Lost, and I was just told by another friend that he is starting the older seasons of Lost and isn't watching the new season yet, so the 'Jenn Stop Reading' warnings have been helpful to him as well. So...on that note...


- I was happy to see some backstory on Miles, even if we all knew that he was going to end up being Pierre Chang's son. I loved the Star Wars references, and Hurley's monologue on what happens if you don't talk about things..."you get Ewoks, and let's face it, Ewoks suck, dude." With all the buildup leading to the finale, which is called The Incident, I'm wondering if maybe older Miles touches baby Miles and something cataclysmic happens. In the off-season, we saw the Dharma video where Chang freaks out when the two time-traveling bunnies are too close together, so it's got to be relevant somehow.


(and Jeff, nice play with the 78 (ahem...QQ) on Saturday night.)

- Had a fun night out on Friday night in Cambridge for Dick's birthday. He was definitely surprised, and the food, poker, and company was great.
- Lucas and I spent the afternoon in Guelph yesterday at a family gathering for my new niece Sophia, and my new cousin Gianluca. It was nice to see everyone again, and Lucas had a blast playing with his cousin Lilli. The food was wonderful as usual, and I had a great plate of leftovers today for lunch. There truly is nothing better than homemade pasta.
- Check out the spectacular error on this Washington Nationals uniform last week. And no, the 'O', is not tucked in behind the's missing. I can't make this stuff up!
- On our way to Guelph yesterday, I stopped at 7-11 to pick up a drink and a snack for Lucas and I in the car. I picked up an iced tea, and two small 55g bags of chips, and when the guy rang it up and told me $6.87, I nearly fell down. He insisted it was right and I told him there was no way that could be right. Well it turns out he accidentally charged me $2.22 for one of the bags of chips, so that was off by about a dollar, but I was still shocked that it was $5.50. I know I'm treading on 'When I was young, things only cost...' territory, but....well, when I was young, that would have cost about $1.50. Chips were a quarter, and a pop or an iced tea wasn't more than 35 to 50 cents. I'm not saying I'm shocked that it's not like that anymore, but I feel like I missed the entire gradual progression in between.


Matt said...

Remember in the 5th season of OZ, when Augustus Hill dies in the finale. That was awesome!

Sean said...

Oh man, I completely forgot about that. Took me a while to stop laughing before I could type this...