Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29, 2009

The folks at So Good Blog ( have come up with a March Madness-style bracket tournament to determine the Ultimate Meat.

How could I NOT post that on here?

Ok, so the ‘meats’ are grouped into regions (Red Meat, Poultry, Pork, and Seafood), which I don’t really agree with, nor do I agree with a number of the numerical seeds awarded to certain meats, or seafood being included, but I didn’t create it, so I’ll just roll with the punches here.

For those of you who aren’t bracket nerds, and cant figure out how it works, pick your favourite in each matchup, and they advance on to the next round. Repeat until there is only one left. That is your personal Ultimate Meat Champion.

A few things:

- Rabbits in ‘Poultry’? Seriously? I heard that the USDA was considering re-classifying it, but can’t find any confirmation on this. Seems very wrong to me.

- Ribs are a #7 seed? And Crab is a #6? Outrageous!

- Please don’t let the recent swine flu outbreak taint your opinion of the Pork Region. It’s all safe.

So make your picks, and post your results in the Comments section below. Feel free to share your championship match (both meats), and for those super-keeners out there, give us your Final Four.

My Final Four is Steak, Crab, Duck, and Bacon. And Bacon just narrowly defeated Ribs, which had just come off of back-to-back double-overtime victories against Sausage and Prosciutto.

My final matchup is Duck against Crab…with Duck taking the overall title.

I look forward to seeing yours.

Happy Meat-ing.

(Thanks to Matt for sending this in.)


nicki said...

BAH!! goes...

Final 4: steak, tuna, turkey, bacon.

FACE-OFF: steak, turkey.

and the WINNER is.....

STURKEY?!?! hmmph..i've was never good at picking sides..

Matt said...

Steak and Lamb in the Red finals, with Steak winning in convincing fashion.

Lobster edges out crab in the Seafood.

Duck unseats chicken because it can be cooked pink, and you won't get sick.

Bacon overpowers ribs in the final of the swine-flu regional.

Steak, particularly kobe beef graze past lobster, and bacon smokes duck.

The finals have bacon wrapping up the championship in 8 overtimes, where 8 starters fowl out. 184-183 on a missed free throw with no time left.