Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 12, 2009

- I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend, and a good Easter with your families and loved ones. Lucas and I had a great day in Guelph today with my family, and a wonderful meal. It was nice to see my Uncle Frank who was here from Montreal, and great to spend some time with Uncle David on Skype since he couldn't make it. Lucas and I made a homemade key lime pie yesterday to bring, and it was tasty! Lucas did some major work squeezing limes and grating the zest for the pie. He is a great helper.
- My Survivor prediction was correct, so seeya Joe, and thanks for the Double Leg dinner you won me by having an infected leg. Sure was a close call, though, considering my pick Brendan likely would have been gone if joe hadn't been evacuated. (On that note, I'm reminded of the scene from the first episode on Season 5 of The Wire regarding the definition of a person 'being evacuated'. Look it up...)
- Kudos to Sean A. at Brantford for turning my session around in the last half hour before I left. And nice work on the zingers. Three-for-three. Well done. I love playing with that guy that was in seat 5, who criticized me for being sarcastic as he was sarcastically criticizing. Beautiful irony.
- I was watching Flight of the Conchords the other night and recognized Eliza Coupe, who plays Denise on Scrubs (Jo the chubby chasin' intern). Funny to see her in another role...her character Lisa was quite entertaining.
- I was flipping around on TV on Saturday Night and came across Bob Saget at the Just for Laughs Festival, so I thought I'd watch a bit because he's now this cult icon who everyone thinks is hilarious for his profane comedy, so I stopped and watched a bit. Um....not funny at all. It was just brutal. So I flipped past, and here's the fun part. The show was on the Comedy Network (channel 46), and when I flipped forward, it went to channel 47, which just happened to be showing an old episode of America's Funniest Home Videos. So I had a laugh flipping back and forth as he's making some lame family joke on AFHV, and then flipping to him on screen saying 'F*ck, C*ck, Sh*t!' (no joke, that's actually what he said as I flipped.)
- An animated series of Bob and Doug MacKenzie? Seriously? Is this how we celebrate classic Canadian comedy?
- I posted last week that SNL was getting pretty bad again. Well, the Zac Efron episode was weak, but not horrible. I do have to give credit where it's due, however, and mention that Weekend Update made me laugh out loud at least 4 times.
- Amy Poehler's new show Parks and Recreation was ok, but I anticipate it being much better in the future, and getting rid of some of that 'Pilot Rust'. I'll give it a shot.
- Amazing Race was entertaining tonight. How do you forget to bring your bags??? Unreal. The karaoke trannies were hilarious, especially when the Hobbits apparently had no idea they were men! And they sure are editing Jaime and Cara into the hated team, which is ridiculous because if anything, Jaime is the only one who is saying anything controversial at all. Cara looks embarrassed every time Jaime flies off the handle. How awesome is it that the Hobbits have racked up five hours of penalties in 2 episodes?
- Well, I would have hoped for more response to Saturday's post requesting readers to comment and introduce yourself in the Comments section. I understand some of you want to read in private, and that's fine, I'm just happy you're reading at all. I was just hoping to give an oppurtunity to create somewhat of a community in the comments for future posts. I hope some of you will come out of your shell eventually. :)


Matt said...

Very coincidental. I MADE KEY LIME PIE from scratch yesterday for a dinner we went to. Too bad my kid ain't nearly as helpful as Lucas. a garnish also a condiment?

Sean said...

Garnish is not a condiment...see Laura's comment in the Condiments post.

For the pie, we used real key limes instead of regular limes for the first time, and it took almost thirty limes to get the amount of juice we needed!