Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009

Well, to celebrate the fact that we've passed 3,000 hits this week, I've taken an idea that I saw over at DarkUFO and proposed it for this weekend. Easter Weekend is 'No Lurking Weekend'. What that means is for you anonymous readers, now is the time to leave a comment, give feedback (positive or negative), or just introduce yourself. Make a comment below, or even just say hi in the comments section. Consider it a team-building exercise for all of us. If you want to remain anonymous or not leave a comment, that's fine, but I'm hoping to get some response from you wonderful readers, since I never anticipated this blog reaching 3,000 hits.

Have a great weekend, post away below!

(Come on, it's not that tough, you can do it. Just one of you needs to start it off...)


Anonymous said...

Teach here! Have enjoyed keeping in touch with you recently through your blog Sean. I have enjoyed your insights into many trivial, yet enjoyable, topics.
Keep up the good work sir.
PS - Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite children's books growing up - nice trailer!

Sean said...

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Teach..and thanks for reading. Hopefully more readers will follow your lead.

Looking forward to catching up with you at the BBQ in May!

Anonymous said...

chirping in.

I bet the other 4998 hits were google bots though ;p


Sean said...

Ha! Nice...

I would have thought so too, but there were surprisingly few, considering the paths that traffic comes in from and the reports I get.

Thanks for commenting, Captain Condiment!

Matt said...

if you put butter on a sandwich it is a condiment. If you put butter between two pieces of bread, IT is a sandwich.