Tuesday, June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

I had to go to downtown Kitchener today on my lunch break to pay a speeding ticket. I'm sorry if you were expecting a good story involving that, but it was just a basic 'cop catches you going too fast' kind of story. Although it was entertaining watching Phil ask the cop all these bike helmet questions as he's giving me the ticket...

So I'm on my way into the courthouse to pay the ticket, and standing out front of the main entrance are three police officers talking. As I'm walking up, these two young men, maybe 20 or 21, walk out and by the officers. The one guy looks at one of the cops, and gives him a total skunk-eye...completely shooting daggers at him with his eyes. The cop just smiles at him and says "You have a nice day, now." And as the 2 guys walk away, and I'm walking in the building, the guy around and mutters something else to the cop. It was clear they had just both been involved in something in one of the court proceedings.

I didn't think much of it, that was all I saw until I paid my ticket and was walking out a few minutes later. There was no one in line, and it was relatively quick, so I was in and out of there in about four minutes, at the absolute most.

When I'm walking out, I see the 2 guys in the parking lot, not 20 feet from the entrance, surrounded by the 3 cops, and now a fourth one as well. And the one is talking into his radio asking for a car, one young guy is on the phone yelling at someone, and the original cop is writing something up.

Seriously...you were just IN COURT, and you can't get 20 feet from the courthouse without getting into trouble with the cops again?


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Kirsten said...

LOL thats the population i work with daily :)