Thursday, June 4, 2009

June 4, 2009

As many of you know, I'm heading off to Las Vegas to try my luck in a couple of World Series of poker events later this month. I thought I would share with you two of my favourite poker blogs that I read. I know a number of you will be interested in following them, they are both very well-written, and feature two great Canadian poker players.

The first is Watts' Poker Blog, by Mike Watson, aka SirWatts in the online poker world. I don't really know Mike all that well, but we did meet when we was playing varsity baseball for the University of Waterloo and I was their announcer. We also were both part of a Canadian poker forum for a number of years. Mike has done extremely well in the past couple of years, including a WPT win in Las Vegas.

The second is Please Don't Tap The Glass, by Matt Wood. I've known Matt for a number of years, beginning from his time as a player and coach with the McMaster Maruaders. It was in 2005 at the CIS National Championships in Halifax that I discovered our mutual interest in poker. I was there doing a webcast for the University of Waterloo, and filing a report for Rogers Television, and after each night's games, it was a tradition to head over to Casino Halifax with Dale to play some poker. It was then that I first got to play with Matt, and I'll never forget his comment to this player who was bleeding chips to our table, "You know, if you take those chips to the cage at the end of the night, they'll give you money for them. Real money!"

Matt went heads-up at the WSOP last year for a bracelet, but finished second after a valiant effort. Here's a shot from Bluff Magazine of him at the final table.

Both blogs are very up-to-date as both Mike and Matt are currently in Vegas playing in WSOP events. Links have been added to the Blog List on the sidebar.

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