Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23, 2009

48 hours from now, I’ll be in Las Vegas.

I’ve already mentioned the Twitter link, but I’ll post it here one more time in case you’re interested in following along as I play in the World Series of Poker events #51 and #54. Event #51 starts this Saturday, June 27th, and #54 is on Monday, June 29th. I will not be posting the updates, my friend Jeremy will be, but the intention is to give chip counts and tournament updates (and Vegas updates in general), for me as well as our friend Tony, who is also playing in the same events.

The link is http://www.twitter.com/hotpokeraction

You don’t have to be a Twitter user to follow along. Just bookmark the page and check back whenever you want, and you’ll see the newest updates.

I’m pretty excited about the trip in general, independent of the WSOP tournaments. Jer, Tony, Dave, are going to be a pretty good group of guys to be there with. Add to that that I have another group of friends that are going to be there at the same time, staying at the Wynn, (I haven’t seen Ming for over 2 years!) and it’s shaping up to be a fun week.

I’m not looking forward to the potential 40+ degree weather, but it’s always nice and cool inside at the poker table!

On a different, but somewhat related note, has everybody seen The Hangover?

It seems so, because I had it recommended to me by no less than twenty people. That’s not a joke. I can’t ever remember a movie gaining so much popularity from word-of-mouth. I hadn’t really considered it, but now almost everyone I know is telling me that I’ll love it, and I should see it before Vegas, so I decided to go.

But here’s the thing, I couldn’t find anyone to go with since everyone had ALREADY SEEN IT!

So, I finally convince my friend Phil to go with me, even though he’s already seen it, and we went on Sunday night. We show up at 10:12 for a 10:15 show at Galaxy and find out that it’s sold out. Sold Out? On a Sunday night…at 10 pm….after being out for 3 weeks??? So we hop in the car and race out to Empire on the other end of town, and make it in time for a 10:30 show.

Now, after having it built up and hyped so much to me, it surely ended up being a disappointment, right? That’s what you’re expecting me to say, aren’t you.

Well, it was fantastic. Hilarious. And let me be the next one to join the throng of people recommending that you see it.

It was great seeing a movie that takes place in Vegas, only 3 days before I’m going to be there. I won’t be providing a ‘movie review’ or analysis, since I don’t want to spoil it for anyone (rare though you may be) who hasn’t seen it yet.

But I will say:

- I had forgotten how much I love Heather Graham
- Mike Tyson + Phil Collins = pure awesome
- The leap out of the trunk may be my favourite part of the movie
- “Next weekend isn’t good for me. The Jonas Brothers are in town.”

(Probably only one or two more updates before I leave Thursday morning, and I likely won’t be updating while I’m away.)

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