Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

My friend Matt is here from Vancouver, and last week, when he came into work, he plopped a freezer bag down on my desk. My heart jumped because it could only mean one thing...that he had brought me some beef brisket from Memphis Blues in Vancouver.

You see, the beef brisket from Memphis Blues is arguably my favourite food in the entire world, so I try to get anyone traveling from Vancouver to Waterloo to 'mule' some meat on the plane, freezing it and stuffing in their luggage to thaw on the way here. (It's double-wrapped in foil and cellophane, so nothing gets on the clothes obviously.)

Take a look. awesome does that look?

(That's the real deal...Matt took that pic to taunt me one night when he went there. He emailed me from the restaurant.)

Now, Matt is a new dad, and has been extremely busy lately, so I didn't even ask him to bring any on this trip, so you can imagine my surprise when I see this freezer bag on my desk.

So I look at him and say, "Seriously? I could hug you right now." And he says, "Just open it."

Well, when I open it up, there's no brisket inside...but there IS a Mexican wrestling mask that I had asked to borrow for my upcoming trip to Vegas. So it's a not a total disappointment, but I was a little bit heartbroken not to see the brisket. I was confused as to why he used the freezer bag, though. Didn't make much sense, unless he was just trying really hard to be a jerk.

About 10 minutes later, I'm walking by his office, and he calls me in. When I walk in, he smiles and hands me a bag. I open the bag to find 2 glorious pounds of beef brisket.

Well done, Matt. Best surprise in a long long time.


Paul S. said...

The brief excerpt that I could see from my Facebook page led me to believe that this guy from Vancouver plopped down a bag of marijuana.....imagine my surprise when I read the story and found out it was actually beef I bet I'm not the only one to make this quick assumption with what was printed in the small excerpt....come on people, be honest!! And here I thought you were licking your chops for a totally different experience...shame on me! haha

Sean said...

Too funny! I hadn't even noticed where the 'preview' excerpt cut off...

Still laughing!