Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 7, 2010

Before I get to this week's Amazing Race recap, I need to take a quick moment to acknowledge something that happened here on the blog today. Today this blog received it's 20,000th hit, and that absolutely floors me when I think about it. I couldn't be happier that this happened on, of all days, my birthday. That's a wonderful gift, 20,000 times over, and I extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to all of you regular readers, occasional readers, people who stumble across this, and even those of you who can't stand me but still read here (you know who you are). Thank you all, and here's to the next 20,000!

Now, on to this week's episode of The Amazing Race, entitled "We Are No Longer In The Bible Belt."
This episode started with us only seeing leaders Jet and Cord leaving the Pit Stop, and heading to the airport to find that they were not able to get on a plane for 12 hours. Great, I thought, now we're going to be subjected to the standard 'watch every team rip open their clue' and then all the fake drama at the airport as they try to book different flights.

But no...instead we just saw every team already at the airport, flights booked, and a nifty Phil voice-over summary of who was flying where and how. Now THAT'S more like it! But I have to ask, why did we see an Oktoberfest challenge in Chile 2 weeks ago when the race was heading to Germany two episodes later?

Jet and Cord came across as the bumbling morons again when they were in the taxi on the way to the airport and saw lights off in the distance. "That's a city", they astutely declared. Yes boys, the pretty lights mean it's a city. Last week you show us you know where Patagonia is, and now you are fascinated by flashing lights?

Their assessment that it was going to be a 'Footrace in Frankfurt' made me think to myself that Jet and Cord should never be boxing promoters. The Thrilla in Manila, The Rumble in the Jungle, The War to Settle the Score, and...the Footrace in Frankfurt?

I love the concept of the Intersection, forcing a team to willingly choose to partner up with another team. Imagine 2 seasons ago if Margie and Luke would have had to team up with Jen and Keisha after 'The Deaf Kid Pushed Me" fiasco. I wish that one team would have had to wait there alone, not able to continue until another team arrived.

What was with Joe and Heidi's assessment that Steve and Allie would be good to team up with because 'they're from a good family'? You're bungy jumping...that's it. All you need is someone who can fall off of a ledge. And I have to say that the pairing of Brent and Caite with Jeff and Jordan (all of whom I like) may be the dumbest team in reality TV history.

Brandi mentioned that in preparation for the race, she went bungy jumping. Yet when she saw the task, she was stunned that she would have to be upside down, which made me wonder what the hell she did before the race that she was TOLD was bungy jumping. Have you ever heard of feet first bungy? It's called a hanging.
But credit to her for doing some advance prep work for what may come on the race. If I was going on the race, I would make sure I knew how to: bungy jump, repel down a building or cliff, drive standard, and say "fast" in every language imaginable (keep a card in your pocket if you have to).

The Sauerkraut challenge was quite entertaining, but the most amazing thing to come out of it was learning that there was a Sauerkraut Polka. I was amazed watching some of the teams shoveling it down, which I wouldn't have been able to do...sauerkraut is gross. But what bothered me was the innuendos that the producers used while the Lobster Lesbians were doing it, from Carol talking about her gag reflex, to Brandi actually picking up the plate and repeatedly licking it from bottom to top. Come on. And why was Jordan holding her ears while trying to eat the sauerkraut? Was the song that intrusive?

And then right after, they force teams to drink a giant boot of beer. Much as they did last year with the absinthe challenge, now the producers are simply resorting to getting people drunk? It's just getting silly now, and I'm sure they'll make people start stripping down to their underwear for future challenges again. Apparently alcohol + getting undressed = Awesome is the new Amazing Race formula.

So the Handlebar brothers came in first for this leg? Apparently the combination of Michael's ability to inhale sauerkraut coupled with Louie's passion for chugging beer equaled a winning combination. Remember when speed, agility, smarts, and common sense were traits you looked for in a partner? Can you imagine the discussion between these two yahoos when they were deciding whether or not to apply?

Michael: "I can eat 2 pounds of sauerkraut in 3 minutes."
Louie: "Awesome, I can down a case of beer in 10 minutes."
Michael: "We're so gonna win this thing."
Louie: "Let's do this!"

Caite declared that she was "sick of getting lost." Yes, we get the map irony...every week. Drop it already. Then her pretty boy boyfriend ended up puking his beer all over the street at the Beer challenge. First of all, did we really need the footage? And secondly, is it the best idea to give a team that was JUST IN THE HOSPITAL FOR DEHYDRATION a giant boot of beer and force them to drink it?

Did the fake Beatles at the Pit Stop really just have to keep playing Please Mr. Postman over and over when each team arrived? They couldn't mix in another song?

When Brent and Caite arrived at the Pit Stop, and Phil told them that they were #7, and that they were still in the race, Brent asked "Are you serious?" Did you really expect Phil to say no, Brent? But how awesome would that have been?

Phil: "Brent and Caite, you're the seventh team to arrive. You are still in the race."
Brent: "Are you serious?"
Phil: (punches Brent in the arm) "No, just kidding. You morons are gone. But I gotcha!"
Caite: "Such as...the Iraq....such as."

I figured we were due for a non-elimination leg, and I'm glad that Jeff and Jordan were spared. I'd like to see them go far.

Next Week: Fake World War II (since they're in Germany, do they get to pretend they're Nazis?), and the return of the U-Turn.

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