Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14, 2010

This week on the Amazing Race we were treated to the teams being ferried by bus from Germany to France before the race leg even started. And when it did, starting with the Handlebar Brothers opening their first clue, who knew that a baguette was going to be such a source of entertainment?

Between people not being sure of what it was, to others pronouncing it wrong (Bag-wette?), to Caite declaring that she was going “eat the crap out of it”, the baguette was definitely the star of the first part of the show. My favourite part, however, was the exchange between Steve and Allie in the car, when Steve asked Allie if she knew what it was. Allie replied that she did, and then realized that Steve had asked because he had no idea. But when she asked him, Steve replied that he DID know, but was just testing her.

This is one of those characteristics that just drives me nuts, the person who won’t admit when they don’t know something. There would have been no problem with Steve admitting to his daughter that he didn’t know what a baguette was, but he instead had to come up with a lame cover story. I’m sure he’s also the type of person who says something, then realizes that his comment didn’t go over as he intended, so he uncomfortably says ‘Just joking”, even though you know he wasn’t.

I had to laugh at the irony of a military challenge taking place in France. At first I thought the challenge would be to belly crawl under the barbed wire and then see how fast you could run a white flag up a flagpole. And when Phil was explaining the challenge, he actually used the phrase “fiercely defended by the French”, which may have been the first time that those words had ever been spoken.

While Michael and Louie were getting ready for the challenge, and changing into their military clothes, Louie said “I feel like the Hulk and I’m ready to burst out of this.” That’s certainly an optimistic spin on that situation, isn’t it? My description may have included the word “sausage” and the phrase “ready to explode.” They then declared that it was “like storming the beach at Normandy”, which made no sense with no water…and no beach.

And what was up with Michael and Louie constantly explaining that they had an advantage because “we’re used to this” in their jobs. First they said that working on very little sleep and wearing dirty clothes came naturally to them. I’m not sure if that was due to their jobs as undercover detectives on the mean streets of Rhode Island, or because they are just slobs. They also said that the bombs going off around them were something they were used to. I try to keep up on World news, but I can't remember hearing about any bombings in downtown Providence.

I love the concept of the U-Turn, but it always drives me crazy when teams complain that it’s dirty and unethical to use it. It is a tool in the game, within the rules, that teams have an option to use to try and help them gain an advantage and win a game. It’s no different than stealing a base in baseball. Did anyone ever accuse Rickey Henderson of being unethical for stealing bases? No. So I hate to see Amazing Race contestants complaining when it gets used against them. If I was on the race, I would use it in a heartbeat without a second thought.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised to see no complaints from Joe and Heidi upon being U-Turned. They stated that they realized it was just a part of the game, and I credit them for that. I also like the concept of the Blind U-Turn, where the team that uses it is kept hidden. That was kind of redundant in this episode since Joe and Heidi knew there were only two teams in front of them since they had just seen them.

After all the talk of how bad Joe’s knee was on the last leg, and on this one, why did Joe think it was a good idea to crawl under the barbed wire on all fours, Horsey-style? Didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

Brent (upon seeing planes): “Oh baby, look. They’re up in some sort of flying things.” Tell us again how you and Caite are trying to dispel the myth that you’re stupid. I dare you. And how many times can these two rocket scientists mess up something based on not paying attention to details, which was supposed to be their focal point?

I loved how they had to bike back along the trail (4 kilometres!) to get the clue they had missed, and then were shocked to hear Phil tell them that they were still in 6th place. If you just have to go back along one route, and you don’t pass anyone going back the other way, then no one has passed you yet!

The fake French moustaches were pretty cheesy, but were actually an improvement for Michael and Louie! Don’t you think? I think they should shave those beasts off if they’re going to keep finishing high in the race. That…and stop calling each other “baby”. Still so awkward.

Next week: Brent and Caite crash and burn.


Derek said...

Funniest line of the night hands down...
Dan & Jordan - I don't like guns, I like swords....feel free to insert your favourite innuendo here...

Sean said...

I thought since I mentioned the plate-licking lesbians last week, I'd leave out that easy one...but thanks for mentioning it. :)