Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

Episode 2, "What Kate Does", is in the books, so let's get started on this week's Lost recap.

First of all, I'm going to have to remember to work in the 8:00-9:00 hour on a weekly basis, because I really do enjoy watching the previous week's episode with the "pop-up-video" feature. Yes, it tells me everything that I already knew or suspected, but it's still a good feature to have on a second viewing that doesn't need to be as intense as the initial episode.

I liked the title of the episode, calling back to "What Kate Did", from Season 2, where you see most of Kate's backstory prior to the island. I'm shocked that we didn't see that damn black horse again in this episode.
Sawyer - "Of course, he's an Iraqi Torturer who shoots kids. He deserves another go-around." Yes, I understand that Sawyer just lost his beloved Juliet, but I'm just not buying the flick-of-a-switch change back to super-douche Sawyer. Mere hours earlier they were all on the same team and he was fighting for Sayid to survive, and now he's painting him with a big sarcastic brush. Convenient.

And speaking of Sayid's torturous past, how odd was it to see him being the one that was "tortured" on the table by Dogen? For 5 seasons, we've seen Sayid on the other end of that equation, and now we see this. Interesting juxtaposition, and pretty graphic.

Dogen reminds me of someone, and it was bothering me last week, until I realized it this week. He looks like Dave Grohl from the Foo Fighters if he were to be in a cheesy kung-fu movie! Come on, tell me I'm wrong.

Who the hell were Aldo and Justin? Seriously, I understand if you want to give a voice to these characters since they're sharing some relevant information, but why did every sentence either one of them spoke, include the name of the other one? Did the writers really need to make sure we knew their names before they offed them? It was a total Abbott and Costello routine between the two of them...well, maybe not so much Abbott and Costello, but more like Spike and Chester.
I also find it really hard to believe that guy's name was Aldo (looked more like a Kyle), and his anger over taking Kate's rifle butt in the kisser three years ago was lame, but still a tad humourous. And while his 'Saved By The Bell School Of Overacting' classes rang through loud and clear with his performance tonight, I did still enjoy the line "You ever see a big black smoke thing? Goes Ticka-Ticka when it gets all pissed off? That!"

Jack to Dogen's entry guards - "Step aside." It was that easy? Ok, Jack...try 'Open Sesame" next.

Sayid - "I am not a zombie." What a GREAT line! Obviously referencing Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse's constant tongue-in-cheek references to a seventh season of Lost, the "zombie" season.

I'm not liking a potential re-connection between Kate and Sawyer. Not at all.

* Digression *
Why the hell is it that when you're coming down with something, and you're getting sick, every single commercial break was advertising some sort of cold relief product. 6 commercial breaks in a row...6 different products. Cough, Cough.

Ok, there were two 'Whoa!" moments in this episode, and when I say "Whoa!" moments, I mean moments that I actually sounded like Keanu Reeves in Point Break or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure (but not Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey - that one sucked). I actually let it out on both of them.

Whoa! Moment #1
Ethan is the doctor in the hospital! Again...I was so glad I blocked the guest cast credits at the beginning of the episode, or I would have known this was coming. My geek-dom is paying off!

"Are you ready to have your baby?"
" I don't want to stick you full of needles if I don't have to."

Creepy creepy scene when you think back to Ethan and Claire in Season 1. Very very eerie.
Back in the present, alternate timeline, did you see Kate's eyes when Claire said Aaron's name for the first time. Very similar to when Jack met Desmond last week. There's something deep inside all of them that just "knows." But they don't know that they know.

Sawyer crying on the dock and getting all sensitive? Now he's blaming himself for Juliet's death. Make up your mind! Is he Jerk Sawyer or Lovable Sawyer? You can't have both!
Jack's scene with Dogen regarding the pill for Sayid was very telling. As we know from the Jack-Locke relationship being the Man of Science/Man of Faith analogy, Jack has always been the Man of Science. He appeared to switch over with his faith in the plan to get back on Ajira, and the bomb/reset plan...but now he's back to Man of Science? When Dogen asked him to "Trust me", it was a turning point for Jack.

Kate to Claire - "Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?" Did you notice that after Claire said yes, Kate didn't say she was innocent...just establishing trust. Very telling...especially right after that Jack/Dogen scene.

Whoa! Moment #2
Dogen - "Because it happened...to your sister." WHAT!? And then the final scene with Aldo and Justin biting the dust, I just knew that it was going to be Claire, but even though I saw it coming, the payoff was awesome. (That's the mark of a great scene, when you know it's going to happen, but it still blows you away.)

The gun, the traps, all the talk of infection and 'the sickness'...Claire is now Rousseau. What does it all mean?

I have no frickin' clue.

Can't wait until next week...

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