Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

Tonight's episode of Survivor started off with the repercussions back at camp following Stephenie's vote-out last week. I expected James to keep ranting "One Voice" like he did all of the last episode, but thankfully we didn't hear it again. The one interesting thing that came out of this opening was a conversation between Colby and Tom, where they talked about their recent revelation that playing nice wasn't going to work for them.

Really, Colby? You didn't already know that playing nice doesn't win the game? I know that it's been 10 years, but don't you remember being 'the nice guy' and doing the nice thing by taking Tina to the final, where she promptly beat you for a million dollars? I shake my head at you...go have another sleepover with your mom in the back of your Aztek.

Rob's theory of watching who people sleep with to see the tribal alliances is pretty smart. And his assessment of the danger of Coach and Jerri or Parvati and Russell being in a position of strength as a visible couple is pretty obvious since it's exactly what he and Amber did on All-Stars. He even said, "I've seen this go down before." Could you imagine if Coach proposed to Jerri on the finale like Rob did with Amber? Imagine the boos!

Parvati (on Russell) - "I actually do trust him, even though he's kind of a lunatic." Great line.

When Randy found the giant clam, and didn't know what to do with it since he didn't want to eat it all, my immediate thought was "Dude, just put it back in the water." It's not like it's going to swim away! And then nobody other than Sandra wanted to eat it? Since when did refusing food become an option on Survivor?

Did J.T. just say 'strategical'? I think he did.

Courtney's facial expressions are the best since Eliza. If she goes far this season, she may top Eliza as 'Best Survivor Eye-Roller' ever. And since I mentioned Eliza, let's take a moment to enjoy one of my favourite Survivor moments ever. (Jason's face still makes me howl.)

Why is every challenge a combo Reward/Immunity challenge now? Did the staff spend so much time building this giant raised Tribal Council set (which admittedly is pretty damn awesome) that they were only able to build HALF of the challenges that they usually use? And on top of that, they're recycling all of the challenges, so it's not like they don't know how to do them already. Seems lazy...maybe they're too busy stashing 'wild' chickens and giant clams around the camps.

The challenge itself was pretty interesting. I had to laugh at the Rupert vs. Coach matchup when Coach thought he had won and started celebrating ridiculously. Just when I thought that he couldn't look any more foolish, Coach finds a way. Thanks, Coach. And by the way, you can't claim to know everything about the world since you've been "coaching female varsity soccer for thirteen years,"especially since it's a lie due to the fact that you were FIRED for going on Survivor in the first place! Funny how they showed that clip right after they showed him saying that he doesn't lie.

What was with the kiss from Tyson on J.T. after getting pummeled? Pre-game alliance? Hidden message? Or just Tyson being Tyson?

Colby vs. Rob looked painful. I was grimacing as I was watching it.

James vs. Randy - we all knew that it was going to be ugly, but one shot? Unfair to blast James for that since he had nothing to do with the matchups.

An 8-0 win for the Heroes. Dominant. But why did they show us that part of the Reward was the luxury items from home if they weren't going to show us the items back at camp?

Russell's strategy of hiding the machete back at camp seems to have backfired. No real response to it that we saw, other than a passing comment at Tribal Council where they essentially laughed and shrugged it off.

Sandra's 'Lemming Strategy' doesn't seem to be the wisest move. "I'll just vote who the majority wants." Did she really win the game once?

Jerri is so ridiculously jealous of Parvati that it's laughable. Jealous of her looks, jealous of the attention she gets, jealous of Coach paying attention to her, and jealous of her ability to play and win the game. Yes, Jerri is the 'black widow', and the first villainess in Survivor history, but she has never been a good player, just a good TV personality.

I can't decide which of Parvati's nicknames for Jerri is better, "Fakest Fakey McGee", or "Bitter Old Cougar."

Here we go again with Coach talking about who is honourable and who isn't. Blah blah blah. he really quoting Martin Luther King Jr.? And now he's just rambling some mumbo-jumbo BS's actually quite laughable. If anyone has the exact wording of what he said, put it in the Comments section, because I'd love to break it down.

And then Coach had a little tantrum at Tribal Council when Sandra mentioned a passing comment. "I gathered firewood for three hours!" Man, this guy makes great TV.

Randy was an outcast, and definitely not destined to last long in this game, but he was right...Parvati is the threat. As much as I like her, they are foolish not to get rid of her. I liked Randy's gesture of throwing his buff in the fire. So cantankerous. Please remember that Randy is a wedding videographer. Would you hire him for your wedding?

Next week on Survivor:
Coach catches Rob's crybaby-itis and we see the return of the Hidden Immunity Idol.

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