Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February 2, 2010

We've all waited long enough for Season 6 of Lost to begin, so I won't make anyone wait any longer. Here is my first Lost post of the final season.

The season premiere ended about 15 minutes ago as I'm sitting down to write this, so everything is still quite fresh in my mind. Forgive me for the anticipated jumbled mess this is going to be in terms of style and structure, but here are my initial thoughts (brief and full) after "LAX".

(Note: I said I was going in blind, so I actually had to shield my eyes during the opening credits, and block the names of the actors so I didn't see who may or may not be in the episode.)
As much as I expected the opening scene to be Jack on the plane, when I actually saw it, it was still pretty exciting to think of what it meant for the overall mythology of the show. The opening sequence was pretty awesome, and the underwater shot was confusing until I caught that first glimpse of the swingset in Dharmaville before it settled on the foot of the statue underwater.

Desmond? On the plane? Sitting next to Jack? What the hell? So if the island "sank" as we were led to believe in the opening scene, does that mean Desmond never sailed off on the boat, and therefore never landed on the island? And what was up with that rockin' hair, Des? It's supposed to be 2004, not 1988.

In our first glimpse of the "island sequence", when Kate finds herself in the tree, I thought the audio to mimic Kate's hearing after the blast was a really neat touch. But I was remembering back to Season 3 when Desmond was in an explosion and ended up naked running around the jungle, but now Kate is in an explosion, and ends up fully clothed?! Talk about a double standard.
Did you notice that when Kate saw Jack and Sawyer laying unconscious at the blast site, she ran to Jack first? Just sayin'...

Jacob showing up to Hurley was a total WTF! moment right before the commercial, but the better moment was this exchange between the two of them:

Jacob: "Because I died about an hour ago"
Hurley: "Wow, that sucks, dude."
Jacob: "Thanks."
Nice to see an early confirmation of what I (and most) had suspected, that "The Man In Black" was indeed an embodiment of the Smoke Monster. As well, seeing Bram surround himself with a circle of ash proved another theory that the ash was what protected Jacob, and that the break in the circle around the cabin was what allowed The Man In Black to gain entry into the cabin and represent Jacob.

"Sorry you had to see me like that." - Creepy.

Nice swerve job on the plane, when everyone I'm sure was expecting John Locke to get up and walk after explaining his walkabout to Boone (very non-vampiry in this episode), but he ended up in the wheelchair again.
Seeing Charlie on the plane again was interesting, but I have to think that if you're really trying to kill yourself, swallowing a baggie of heroin probably isn't the most effective method. Not as effective as...oh, I don't know...just opening the bag and swallowing all the heroin!

Interesting to see Jack looking for a missing pen as he was trying to save Charlie, and then later seeing Kate pull it out of her jacket in the airport bathroom. Thinking back, didn't Kate bump into Jack on the way out of the lavatory on the plane? Goodbye, pen.
The Temple certainly had a very Indiana Jones feel to it, didn't it? And look...Asians! I thought maybe I was watching Ong Bak 3. And it's Sol from Deadwood...keeping the long line of Deadwood cast-pilfering alive.

It's Cindy...and she has extensions!

When they said that they were taking Sayid to 'the spring", I was secretly hoping that it was going to be some sort of giant Slinky, but alas, it was just a pit of water.
Ben: "You're the monster."
Locke: "Now, let's not resort to name calling."

Why do they just save people to kill them later in the episode? I hate that. Did Juliet really need a death scene that badly? Wasit not the stuff legends are made of watching her pound the bomb and the screen go white? Did we really need a plot device for her to tell Sawyer and the gang that "It worked"...and that they don't believe it anyways!?

When Sayid was 'dead' and Miles was asked what he heard, and responded 'nothing', it was obvious that the Iraqi torturer in the black tank top of death would be back by the end of the episode.
Richard took a punch in the neck. IN THE NECK!

Great scene between Jack and John at the end. It contained probably the most important two words in the season premiere..."nothing's irreversible."

So, that's it for now. I'm sufficiently confused about the twin time lines, and what they mean. But I loved it. I'm sure I'll have more thoughts that I forgot to put in here after further thought, but I'll add them into the Comments section. Your thoughts below in the Comments section, as well, please.

I will try to get the weekly Lost posts up before midnights on Tuesday each week. I've had some people ask if I can email the link when it's done, so if you want to be added to that list, please let me know in the Comments section, or email me at seanfurfaro@gmail.com.


Jenn-I-can-read-your-blogs-now Jarvis said...

IN THE NECK!!!! Oh, how scary it was that Richard had a look of fear on his face?!?

Smoke Monster: "I'm very disappointed in all of you."

and also,

Smoke Monster: "Hello Richard. Nice to see you out of those chains."


Jenn said...

Just thought of something....when Sayid was dying, he said he doesn't know where he'll go, but he'll deserve it because he has tortured and killed so many people. Sooooo.....I think Jacob will be reincarnated in Sayid, and Sayid will be redeemed. Goes along with the whole Narnia feel to the episode.