Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010

Tonight's episode of Survivor was teased last week as having Boston Rob in grave danger. And why are we still calling him Boston Rob when he's the only Rob on the show this time? It's obvious from the Red Sox cap, and that sweet accent, like when he told us that he was on The Buffoon Tribe, "just like in Mah-kay-sus, and in Ahhl Stahhhs." I expected him to say it was wicked bad.

I'll be honest, he didn't look good when the medics were checking him out, but it was obvious due to the fact that it was shown last week in the preview that he wasn't going to be removed. They never would have spoiled that a week in advance.

I found it funny that Coach mentioned that "it's all gonna come down to what people got upstairs." I found that interesting since Coach is crazy. And speaking of nicknames, why are we still calling him Coach? He was fired from his coaching job when he left to film Survivor Tocantins.

I have to say, with the constant Heroes vs. Villains branding, there had better not be a tribal switch-up like they usually have. That would make absolutely no sense. And it should be a late, late merge.

Why is it that most of the women on Survivor always try to wear as little clothing as possible, but Jerri seems to be adding more layers each week? I mean, Amanda, Parvati, Courtney, and Danielle are basically wearing dental floss, and Jerri looks like she's heading out to the tundra in cargo pants, a long sleeved shirt, and now a scarf! Is she part of the Coach Wade school of "I'm going to try to cover every inch of my body?"

And speaking of Danielle, what is up with that bathing suit. Frills? Really? It's Survivor, not the first section of the Fredericks of Hollywood catalogue.
Did you notice how Rob was a monster in that immunity challenge, lifting a block up on his back? That was insane! And then Russell had to do it next? These two egos are going to clash eventually.

What is this, the Island of the Wild Chickens? This is filmed in the same place as Samoa last season...why did nobody see any live chickens running around then? And we saw that Russell can do something else other than find hidden immunity idols, when he bagged one of the chickens.

Cirie and Candace made the right choice in not flipping and voting Amanda out. Their alliance to each other is still concealed at this point, and they can make a move later without drawing a line in the sand against the rest of their tribe so early.

Is it just me, or does Sandra look like Mowgli from The Jungle Book?

James was a little brash in his "One Voice" rant after the Heroes lost the challenge. I think his "One Voice" repetition will be this season's "Don't eat the damn apple" mantra that he used last time to describe the girls going all Adam and Eve on him, and eating the poisoned apple which turned them against him. Which goes to re-enhance my theory that James (while clearly having muscles ON his muscles), can only think of one thing at a time.

The worst part with his aggressiveness was that he was right. The core of his point was correct, that in the challenges, the Villains are functioning as a cohesive unit and the Heroes are not.

James did have the best line in the episode, as he told Stephenie "I'll be damned if anybody named 'Y'all' in here." Made me laugh.

At Tribal Council, after Stephenie was voted out, I was a little surprised to hear his 'shut your mouth' response to her barb at him, but if Colby and Tom wanted Stephenie to be able to defend herself against his attacks, then the same should go the opposite way, and he should be able to fire back at her when she says that. I may have chosen a less direct statement, but his point was valid.

It's shaping up to be a good season. We need the Heroes to start winning some challenges, if only for us to see more of the Villains camp, because they are much better TV.


Anonymous said...

Was Russell in that episode? I had trouble finding him in Boston Rob's shadow. Oh wait, there was a guy that copied Rob in a challenge - was that guy the greatest to ever play the game? Help - I'm confused.


Sean said...

I told you last week I was a Boston Rob guy. Your comments about Russell mean nothing until you watch the Samoa season.

Dawn said...

So it really is true!?!?! Nothing comes from being the "hero"?!?! LOL.