Monday, February 13, 2012

Survivor One World "Preview"

Survivor One World premieres on Wednesday night, and I'm pleased to announce that I will be doing another full season of recaps. As with the last couple of seasons, I have decided that I would rather go in blind on Wednesday night instead of reading up on the cast bios and videos that have been floating around for the last month. Having said that, I will give a few "Random Thoughts" on this upcoming season.

My Random Thoughts

- I'm thrilled that there are no returning players this season, and that Redemption Island will not be a part of it either. Let's hope that the elimination of the horrible Redemtion Island Twist is permanent. It's nice to see 18 returning players...17 full-sized participants, and one "little person" (Thankfully, It's not Russell Hantz.)

- After 24 seasons, it's difficult to implement a new change in the game that keeps it fresh without ruining it, but I think having the castaways all live together on one beach will do just that. Plus the men vs. women dynamic will be sure to lead to some drama, even if there will be an inevitable Tribe switch-up within the first 4 or 5 episodes.

- I'm also happy to hear that there will be some changes in terms of how the Hidden Immunity Idol is used, and that there will be more "do-it-yourself" challenges minus our favourite blue-shirt wearing host. If you haven't heard how the Idols will be used, apparently there will be two of them hidden at camp, and if you find one, you can't use it on yourself, but instead have to give it to someone on the other team.

This, along with the "one camp" element, will force opposing tribes to make alliances across Tribe Lines, which should make for some good TV.

My recap of the premiere will be a snapshot of my initial impressions of each Survivor, along with a couple of Random Thoughts on the overall episode. After that, you can expect a regular Random Thoughts recap after each episode, usually up within 30-60 minutes of when the episode airs on the East Coast. I hope to get a lot of Comments in the Comments section after each episode, so let's keep the conversation going strong!

Check back here on Wednesday night by 10:00 pm ET for my recap of the season premiere, and if you're an Amazing Race fan, keep in mind that I will be recapping the upcoming season (premiering February 19th) as well.

And as always, don't forget about the hidden captions under the pictures for each recap.

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Also, a quick note to those of you that were hoping that I would be recapping new shows this year (based on my tease that I may be doing that), I have decided that I will not be recapping anything other than Survivor and The Amazing Race for now. I decided not to recap The Bachelor since I didn't actually want to watch it, and while I am really enjoying watching Alcatraz and The River (both very Lost-esque), I think I'm going to just relax and enjoy the shows instead of recapping them.

See you all on Wednesday for Survivor.


HoH8 said...

Wow Sean, i really missed you !!!!!

So happy u will be back with Survivor and TAR, looking forward to ur Great Recaps....

bout Alcatraz, the best thing bout that show is Hurley, he is a joy to watch with his facial expressions, just like he did it on Lost...☺...

Michou said...

I am so ready for this season!!1

R.P. McMurphy said...

Looking forward to getting started. Not sure how motivated everyone will be to find the idol if you have to give it to the other team with no guarantee your good will will be reciprocated. If fact do you even want to find it? Aren't you better off letting the other team get it and hope they give it to you?

I've enjoyed seeing the old players come back but am eager to see a new group tackle everything on their own.

I've DVRd "Alcatraz" and "The River" but haven't had the chance to watch any of the episodes yet. I'm about a month behind on "Once Upon a Time" but have enjoyed it.

And away we go...

DocX said...

the guys were jerks; things will really go downhill the more hunger and thirst set in. the one who gave the gay guy the idol said he was some intelligible word; did he already turn on her?