Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Survivor Recap (Pre-cap): December 15th

You knew it was coming. I've warned you for weeks. And now, with tonight's episode being the last one before the Season Finale on Sunday, it's time for the dreaded "Loved Ones" episode. Just look at the picture above, as the Survivors check out the handy new Palm Pre (or whatever the hell it is...I'm sure Jeff will hold it up and tell us in great detail).

What the hell is happening in that picture anyways? Jane looks like she's looking at picture of a fish she can sneak away with and eat on her own; Chase is more excited than when he's Pro Race Car Jacking; Sash is smiley, Dan is confused, and Fabio is fixing his hair. Once again, I submit to you, Survivor Nicaragua is a candidate for worst season ever.

Just a reminder that I am still on the West Coast and my post will not be up immediately after the regular airing as usual. My apologies to those of you who are used to seeing it at 9:30 ET, but you'll have to wait just one more time. I hope to have my full recap up and posted shortly after midnight ET / 9:00 PT.

Please check back at that time. Thanks.

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