Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Amazing Race 18: All-Stars Cast Revealed!

At the end of my last Amazing Race Recap, I mentioned that in the Finale Recap next week, I would reveal the "surprise" that Phil Keoghan teased at the end of the last episode. In the Comments section, I revealed that the 18th edition of The Amazing Race, which is premiering in February, would be an "All-Stars" edition, and that I would list the participating teams next week. Due to the overwhelming number of emails I received asking for the list of teams, I've decided that if you want to know that badly, then I'll provide the list for you.


The cast list for the Amazing Race 18: All-Stars edition is as follows (with their original TAR season listed in parentheses):

Kynt and Vyxsin (Season 12)
The goths are back, looking all gothy, acting all goth-tacular, and making sure that viewers get their weekly GQ up (Goth quotient...of course).

Ron and Christina (Season 12)
Asian father and daughter who I could never really tell if they actually liked each other or not.

Amanda and Kris (Season 14)
U-Turn victims who were the eye candy for Season 14. I found them totally forgettable. Not sure why they're back.

Mel and Mike (Season 14)
Father and son gay men. 'Nuff said. Tell me you forgot that.

Jaime and Cara (Season 14)
The "former cheerleader" redheads return, presumably so Jaime can continue yelling at everyone, and Cara can continue being called "the redhead who doesn't yell at everyone." Jokes aside, I actually liked Jaime and Cara, and thought they got a bad edit in a season that needed a villain when CBS wasn't willing to make the "evil deaf kid" the villain. These two were the highest ranking female team in TAR history until this season.

Margie and Luke (Season 14)
Speaking of the evil deaf kid, he's back with the love of his life...I mean, his mom...and I'm sure he'll be just as whiny as last time. I wonder if this time he'll shove a woman away from a clue box and then blame her again, as mom protects the valor of her boy. Who was that team that Luke shoved anyways? Was it...

Kisha and Jen (Season 14)
Yes! It was Kisha and Jen...and I only have one piece of advice for the varsity sisters on this season: IF YOU HAVE TO PEE ON YOUR WAY TO THE FINAL PIT STOP FOR A MILLION DOLLARS, JUST GO IN YOUR PANTS AND RUN.

Flight Time and Big Easy (Season 15)
Who didn't love the Globetrotters? Possibly the most likable team in the history of TAR, even after taunting a terrified Mika at the top of the shark waterslide. (which I found funny, actually...especially after watching Canaan actually try to throw her down the slide!)

Zev and Justin (Season 15)
I honestly don't remember anything about these two other than the fact that they got eliminated for losing their passports. Yawn.

Jet and Cord (Season 16)
Oh my gravy! Bring on the cowboys for a return romp at the rodeo.

Gary and Mallory (Season 17)
The only team to return from this current season. I was pretty hard on Mallory from the start of this season (I still see her as a Cheri Oteri character), but I came around as she toned it down.

My Random Thoughts:

- Why only Season 12 onward? Nobody from the first 11 seasons warranted an invite? I understand that Season 11 was an All-Stars edition as well, but is that the concrete line, and now everyone included has to have initally appeared after that? I don't agree with that.

- No one from Season 13? Nick and Starr weren't available? Toni and Dallas? The frat boys who couldn't march?

- FIVE teams from Season 14? If you're going to have nearly 50% of the teams from one season, why not just invite everyone from that season back and call it Amazing Race: Do-Over edition.

- Where the hell are the midgets? They were annoying, but I think anything can be made better by adding midgets.

So, what do you think? Who will you be rooting for? And who has what it takes to win Amazing Race: All-Stars? Let's hear from you in the Comments Section.


Anonymous said...

I'll be rooting for three teams. 1) Kynt & Vyxsin. They're the misfits that everyone wants to cheer for...or maybe it's because I'm a misfit too.. 2) Margie & Luke - come on...Who isn't a sucker for this story line..."Disabled kid rises above his infirmity to win a million bucks" that's a winner... and of course 3) Jet and Cord...never since the Beverly Hillbillies went off the air, have I been so taken up with the chance to enjoy the likes of a Jed and Jethro duo. I simply can't wait for TAR Season 18. Thanks for the heads up Sean :-)

Fred said...

Also, from what I have read, it will be the first season in HD.

Early on, I'm getting behind Aspergers afflicted Zev and Justin. Otherwise, there really isn't to many teams I'm excited about.