Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Recap: "Sash Is Still In Control...But For How Long?"

Sorry for the delay in getting tonight’s post up, especially for those of you who are used to it being up at 9:30 ET. I’m still on the West Coast, so didn’t even get to watch the episode until it aired here. That will happen again next week…but better late than never, right?

My Random Thoughts:

- Previously on Survivor…TWO PEOPLE QUIT! I still can’t believe it. But Probst’s voice-over reminded viewers of something that they may have forgotten: Sash got screwed. Leader of an alliance of four and holding an Immunity Idol, but a Brenda Blindside and the NaOnka-Kelly Quit-A-Palooza later, he’s now flying solo, a self-proclaimed “Free Agent.”

- Benry talked about mentioning at Tribal Council how they named the chicken after the quitters. Smart guy, huh? The quitters who get a vote, Benry! (and I still can’t believe that.)

- In Sash’s Free Agent speech to the others at camp, he talked about playing the Idol so that he’s not a “threat to the future.” There’s only 7 people left…eventually ‘the future’ becomes ‘the end’, and it’s very close now.

- Did you notice Sash drinking the water at the well right after he filled it? What happened to the days when the Survivors had to boil their water before drinking it? Now it’s just provided for them?

- At the Reward Challenge, it was painfully obvious that Dan had no chance. So, for someone who has exerted zero effort at anything this season, why even get dirty? Why not just say “I’m gonna stay clean thanks, Jeff.” Maybe he thought the mud was chocolate. (For those of you keeping track this season, that is “Dan is an Oompa Loompa” Joke #4)

- Chase and Benry smoked everyone on the bean bags (were the barrels 8 inches away?), and then Chase smoked Benry on the rings. After the pre-challenge talk between Chase and Sash regarding who would go on the reward, it was obvious that Sash was going to get snubbed. But it was fun to watch Sash’s smug face while Chase was choosing…the same face he made when Brenda wanted the Idol at Tribal Council.

- Dan: “If we get those three off, the four of us go.” Well, let’s give him credit, he knows that 3+4=7, and that 4 is more than 3. Someone now needs to tell him that $1600 is way too much to spend on shoes.

- Jane told Chase that the reward was an“overnight massage with the two oldest ladies left in Survivor.” Did I miss something, or are they the only two ladies left on Survivor? I wasn’t as troubled by that as I was by the creepy look that Holly gave Chase when she was showering topless in front of them. I thought Yve was the Cougar from this season, not Holly. I wish I had a screen capture of that look on her face, it looked like the cover from a horrible DVD you would see on the top shelf at a dingy convenience store. (I'll post a link in the Comments section if I can find it.)

- Just when I stopped thinking that Jane was crazy, she had a mental breakdown over the chicken getting killed. It was stupid when Shambo did it a few seasons ago, and it’s stupid now. The chickens are food, not pets. Jane said “they didn’t have to kill her”…yes they did! How else are you supposed to eat your food? I can understand being upset about the fact that the chicken was eaten while you were gone, and that you didn’t get any, but a grave, a heart made of shells, and tears and prayer? Jane has lost it.

- Thoughts from the Immunity challenge: Again, another challenge that Dan had no shot at winning. We never even saw one shot of him competing…seriously, go back and look. The potential imagery of someone running full-out when they didn’t have enough rope was too entertaining, but didn’t actually come to fruition. I wanted it to be like the old cartoons where the dog runs and nearly chokes himself in mid-air. Come on, imagine Fabio doing that. But it was anti-climactic, and Sash won Immunity, giving him Immunity, an Idol, and that nifty “free agent” moniker.

- Kelly and NaOnka show up at Tribal Council both wearing green. A sign of Quitters Solidarity? Just a coincidence? I think they both should have been forced to wear yellow.

- Benry got voted out, which I thought was pretty obvious, so Tribal Council was a snore.

Next Week: A big reward and a threat of execution. (Please God don’t be the Loved Ones episode)

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LostInSeaton said...

You said it best "Sash's smug face"....I just can't see him winning, if we see the smugness through the screen , then the jury will too. The chicken thing was stupid, I thought Jane was a farm girl, and I'm glad they ate it, afterall that's what they were meant for. Amd remind me why they're keeping Dan around? Just a jury vote I guess.

Thx for the writeup, appreciate it.


Beth said...

I literally laughed out loud at your cartoon dog reference. And you're right, that would've been hilarious!