Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009

It's been a while since I've done an old-school post of Random Thoughts...I may have to change the name of the blog soon. Any suggestions?

- Tonight Lucas and I were playing War (the card game), and we had an exciting part of the game where we had a double war, so there was a total of 18 cards on the line. We were laying on our stomachs on the floor, and I had already turned over a 5, so I figured I was going to lose. Lucas slowly and dramatically turned over his card to reveal...a 4. And then he jumped up onto his knees and shook his fists in the air and (mock) yelled, "EPIC FAIL!" Oh man, I wish I could have actually seen my face because I was initially, and understandably, shocked before I burst into uncontrollable laughter. I had no idea where he heard that from, since I've never said it in my life, but it was incredibly funny.
- Last night, we were on our way to swimming lessons, and Lucas asked me where the Laurier football team plays. We were driving right near the stadium, so I stopped to show him. The football team wasn't there, but I recognized the girl at the desk from when I'm there for our Rogers telecasts and she let us in and on to the field. I showed him that the turf wasn't really dirt and grass, and let him run out to the centre of the field. Then we ran up to the top of the stadium and back down again. We were just on the edge of the field and I told him that he could have one free tackle on me, so I bent down as he backed up and got ready. He ran towards me as I was crouched down preparing for him to just jump on me like he used to do when he was little, but just as he got to me, he dropped his shoulder and plowed into me, knocking me over onto my ass. The little dude smoked me, and he thought it was hilarious. No more free tackles...it hurt. Chalk that one up as a bad idea.

- For those of you that haven't heard all the media coverage (still living under that rock?) about the new ban on handheld devices while driving, just a word of caution to be careful if you're choosing to disregard the new law. In the 48 hours since it has come into effect, I have already twice seen police officers hiding obstructed at on-ramps looking for drivers on their phone or texting. And I've seen lots of people ignoring it on the road. I'm trying to get into the habit of not texting or dialing like I used to, but luckily my phone has a hands-free speaker option.

- I was filling up with gas at Shell/Short Stop by my house earlier today, and when I went in to pay for it, the woman behind the counter had this snarly face and surly disposition, and smelled like she had just bathed in the world's largest ashtray. Not the most appealing scent when you're in a gas station...or anywhere for that matter. So, as I'm paying for my gas, she says to me, "Need any Halloween candy?" I said no, and she continued, "You sure? We got a really good deal on those candies there. Come on." as she pointed at a display. I again assured her that I was fine.

Now, I know all about the suggestive sell, or the upsell, but I can't figure out why she would ask me twice, and throw in a "Come on" like I was clearly making a bad choice. I'm pretty sure that Little Short Stop employees don't work on commission, so I was confused by her motivation. It made no sense to me, but I still got out of there as soon as possible, away from Miss Smoky McPushy-Upsell.

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Joey Czikk (Guelph) said...

Sean, some interesting notes here. Gotta watch out for those ass-kickings from children, I've received a few from my younger brother in my day. Anyways keep up the good work buddy