Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009

As I'm watching the beginning of tonight's episode of The Amazing Race, I see the Yoga In The Hood instructors on the opening credits, and I wished we could have seen more of them. Oh YITH...we never knew ya...

On to tonight's episode:

In all the seasons of The Amazing Race, in all the places that they've been in absolutely sweltering heat, I've never seen them anywhere that was so hot and muggy that it was actually fogging up the cameras. That had to have been pretty bad.

Ok, if you're going to go to the Burj Dubai and play up that the teams are going to go to the tallest building in the world, isn't it a tad anti-climactic when all they have to do is take an escorted elevator ride up the building to get a clue and then come back down? I mean, if you're pimping the height, can't you at least put the clue box near the edge? Lame.

The car racing Fast Forward was perfect for Cheyne to do, because his awful hair already looks like he's been driving an F1 car with no helmet on. He did, however, earn some bonus points with me when talking about how he likes to drive fast, and instead of comparing himself to some lame NASCAR driver, he chose to compare himself to Ricky Bobby.
ATTENTION PLEASE: We interrupt your regularly scheduled Amazing Race recap to bring you this week's racist play on words, courtesy of Brian and Ericka, who declared that Ericka would not be doing the desert water search Roadblock because "Chocolate melts in the sun." We now return you to the rest of the recap. (On a side note...thank God that's not actually true, or the Globetrotters would have been screwed.)

I'm not sure if Brian's obsessive helping of the other teams is going to lead to all the good karma he's hoping for. I can see helping your group in this episode so that you all stay ahead of the other group of 4, but pulling over and helping Mika and Canaan didn't make much sense to me.

Wouldn't the desert Roadblock be easier for the second group of teams to just follow the footprints?

Whoa! Wait a second! Looks like this stereotypical thing is catching on...Maria just stated that she impaled the car on a spike because "she's an Asian woman driver."

When I first saw pictures of Ski Dubai a few years back, my initial thought was that it would be a great location for the Amazing Race. I can't believe it took this long for them to put it on the course.

Mika on choosing to build a snowman at the Detour: "I can't sled. I've never done it." You sit and let gravity do the rest. Seems pretty simple. Seriously...I'll say it again - she's beautiful, but not so bright.
Sam and Dan trying to put the nose on the snowman at the Detour, and one of them gripping the carrot in his hand. The other one says: "Just put it in!" You Amazing Race editors are always so sneaky with your hidden innuendos for the gay teams. I'd have about 35 jokes if they weren't brothers.

And now...the weekly section devoted to Lance and Keri (final installment).

When they were leaving the pit stop: "Nothing can tear us APAAAHHT." Cringe.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Lance & Keri get lost yet again, this time in a parkade. Their insightful comment on the topic: "We should have just ran with the other teams." think? You two could get lost in a phone booth, you should definitely not be heading out on your own when you have the option of staying close to the others you are competing with. But then again, remember last week when they got lost in the same hallway as the other teams. (Again, for dramatic effect) IN THE SAME HALLWAY! So maybe that wouldn't work either. I'm thinking that there may be a spin-off show solely featuring Lance and Keri getting lost in different countries around the world.
And if they're not getting lost, they're just going the wrong way. (Cue circus music) East vs. West, left vs. right...taking the exit when they should have stayed on the highway, leading to this exchange:

Lance: "This exit?"
Keri: "No."
Lance: "This exit?"
Keri: "No."
Lance: "This exit?"
Keri: "No!"
(Lance takes the exit)
Keri: "I told you three times!"
Lance: "So we're not supposed to take the exit?"

And how great was the footage on the Roadblock of Lance raging around the sand dunes, digging furtively in the sand for no reason, and then just smashing urns that didn't have water in them. Hulk SMAAAAASH!
At the Ski Dubai Detour, good thing they chose to build the snowman. I think if they went with the sledding option, they somehow would have gotten lost halfway down the hill. And after building one of the worst snowmen I've ever seen, did Lance really ask if he could kick it?

I'm actually sorry to see them go. They were annoying, but they sure were good TV, and great fodder for this weekly post. I'm sure next week's Amazing Race recap will be much shorter with them gone.

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