Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11, 2009

Ok, the first point I'm going to make on this week's recap of The Amazing Race, is a point I made in last week's post about the episode.

Quoted from October 4, 2009:
"Did Brian and Ericka really refer to themselves as "Team Zebra" as they linked their hands together? Really? That's the card you want to play? What's next, when they have to go into the rainforest, we're going to hear how Brian will excel at the challenge because he has "Jungle Fever"?

And then on tonight's episode, right at the beginning, they referred to themselves as Team Jungle Fever? Are these two for real? I'm surprised they didn't ask for a black and white scarf at the Detour challenge.

I hate false airport drama on this show. Seriously, if you're going to lay out how dramatic it is that two teams are about to miss a flight that everyone else is on, and then have them get on the plane, it's completely redundant. And considering I personally missed a standby flight out of New York City earlier this week, it burned my ass even more.

Did this really happen? Mika and Canaan looked at that picture of Jacqueline Kennedy and Canaan determined that it was the queen, and then Mika corrected him to say that it couldn't be because "she clearly had Cambodian features." They're both so pretty...and so dumb. They're the Jeff and Jordan (from Big Brother) of this season's Amazing Race.

When Meghan was doing the monkey challenge, and Cheyne (I still can't believe that's really how you spell his name) was offering his support, here's the transcript of what he was saying to her: "Bend over. Now use your hands. That's it baby! Just like got it now!" Damn, if your picture had cut out and you only had the audio, that may have been misinterpreted.

Now, the weekly ranting about Lance and Keri. First of all, the "now you're in last place" comment directed at Zev and Justin was totally uncalled for. I've never seen somebody so thrilled with himself at finishing second-last consistently. And then his dramatic "No cheap wins bitches!" after they got their standby seats on the plane was just moronic. But not as ridiculous as his follow-up comment, "This puts us on an even playing field, and that's all we need." Um...Lance...when you've been on an even playing field with everyone else, you come last or second-last. That's not that good.

And then when I saw that he actually could identify Jacqueline Kennedy (referred to as Jackie O, bt I'll give it to him since I don't think he was referring to Jackie O'Keeffe), I thought that maybe this guy would eventually show that he was "wicked smahht", but only seconds later he got lost in a hallway. Let me repeat that again: LOST...IN...A...HALLWAY. That's right, one minute, you're racing along with 4 other people, then suddenly no one else is around..and you're dumbfounded. This may be the dumbest team in Amazing Race history. And what on earth was with that idiotic kick at the Pit Stop? It must have been to celebrate the fact that they only came 3rd last this episode. Well, I suppose it's better than a throat-slash.

What a horrible way for Zev and Justin to be eliminated. Especially after working together so well in this episode, and finding a great cab driver who was so helpful to them. Very disappointing to see a team earn a well-deserved first place finish, and be eliminated due to paperwork.

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