Tuesday, December 2, 2008

December 2, 2008

- First and foremost, Lucas got his report card yesterday and it was great. I'm very proud of him.
- How come when I ordered soup at Tim Horton's on Saturday, they put the hot soup on TOP of the butter for the roll so that the butter became pure liquid...and was it really necessary to put 11 salt packets in the bag? Really....11.
- We're almost done all of our Christmas shopping already. It's a good feeling.
- We were out at the mall a couple of weeks ago and were shopping for Nana's birthday. Lucas picked out a nice picture frame from a kiosk at the mall that said Nana on it for her to have a special picture of just the two of them. A very thoughtful gift on his part. Last week I was back looking at frames again, and the girl who had helped us find the frame almost 2 weeks earlier comes up to me and asks if Nana liked the frame. I was very impressed that she remembered, and told her that she had a very good memory. It's very rare you find someone in retail where that would happen, so I called the manager the next day to mention how impressed I was. Most people this time of year just hear complaints, so I figured I would give some positive feedback.
- Lucas has become very helpful around the house. It's great having him set the table and clean up afterwards. He loves being in charge of changing the garbages and wants to shovel every single day!
- We're going to the Rangers game tomorrow night. It is the annual Teddy Bear Toss and Lucas is looking forward to throwing our bears on the ice.
- I played near-perfect poker at the HPA event on Saturday, but still only finished third. Of course Steve's 66 would make a straight against my KK.....no justice.
- Went out on Friday night with some friends from the UW basketball games. 4 of us went to the Huether for some food and a few drinks. It was a good time, even though Candice sat on my sunglasses in the car.
- One week till Duran Duran. Woo-hoo.
- I firmly believe that Andrew and Dan are the biggest morons to ever run the Amazing Race. I can't believe that they're in the running for the final leg. Those guys could mess anything up. What made me laugh this week was right after the Speed Bump when they had finished dancing, and had to go get their next clue from the woman with the pony, who was standing no more than ten feet away....and when they read their clue, it said "Travel on foot." So ridiculous.
- Sucks that Survivor was one of those lame recap shows last week. Boo.

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