Thursday, December 11, 2008

December 11, 2008

- The Duran Duran concert was great. Not as good as the Detroit show, but still great. The venue wasn't as good, but I did like the new set list. I'm glad they played White Lines, which they didn't in Detroit. T
- With that concert, Duran Duran is now one of a very select group of musical artists who I have now seen in concert 3 times (or more). I'm not counting all the Canadian acts we saw through University and afterwards, like Spirit of the West, Lowest of the Low, The Waltons, 54-40, or even Danny Michel. I'm talking major concerts. There are a total of 4 artists (band or artist). Take a guess, see if anyone can get all three of the others. Email me at or post in the comments section.
- Lucas and I decorated the Christmas tree earlier this week, and had a lot more room since there are quite a few ornaments I'm not putting up this year.
- Lucas scored another goal at hockey tonight. And he did a fancy pass between his legs to one of his teammates.
- I'm disappointed that Tom Cheek didn't win the Ford Frick Award this week, and even more disappointed that Tony Kubek won it. Nothing against Tony Kubek, I think he's a good analyst, but it's a big step to award it to a TV broadcaster for the first time, and not even a play-by-play guy.
- Survivor finale is this Sunday. Again, I'm praying Crystal doesn't win.
- So tonight is the beginning of the William Peterson/Laurence Fishburne transition on CSI. I fell asleep during last week's episode, so I missed most of it.

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