Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010: Everyone's Under The Bus

Regular readers here will know of my affinity for Reality TV. As you have read in my posts and recaps, I have what I believe to be a firm and steadfast rule regarding the 3 phrases that constitute a mandatory penalty when used by a Reality TV Contestant: 1) "Game on" (any time after the first episode), 2) "It is what it is", and 3) "Throw them under the bus". On that note...enjoy this video.

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Dev said...

That was great!

Twenty three 'throwing people under the bus' statements and one 'throwing them into the subway'. Love the creative switch up to the Subway. Obviously the space under the bus was full, and next obvious choice (in New York) is the Subway.

AND I was just getting comfortable riding the Subway - now ? Sheesh!