Sunday, April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010: Amazing Race Recap

After last week's shocking reversal of fortune that saw Jet and Cord go from last place (with a Speed Bump) to first place, and Steve and Allie drop from first place to last place, this week's episode saw only 5 teams start the leg. Would the cowboys be able to hold their lead after turning it around last week, or would tensions boil over between the Models and the Lesbians? Let's find out...

I love that when we saw the teams ripping open their clues at the beginning of the leg, we heard them say "Caution: U-Turn Ahead", which all but assures that you're going to see one team severely pissed off by the end of the leg. Nice foreshadowing.

I was glad to see Dan and Jordan recognize that they were in first place and that it would be foolish NOT to go for the Fast Forward. It never ceases to amaze me how teams that are trailing choose to go for it, and teams that are leading sometimes decide not to. Add in the element that the winners of each leg always win a prize now (which didn't use to be the case), and you're looking at a nice little prize and a first place finish for doing one task.

In preparation for the Fast Forward, Jordan came to a sudden realization that he has an immense fear of heights. I'm thinking that as supportive as his brother was trying to be, saying "If you fall and die, I love you" probably wasn't the most calming sentiment for him to share. And if you think Jordan was scared, what about the cameraman that had to shoot the footage!? There was one guy perched ON TOP of one of the cars shooting them as they crossed. Insane!

Although it was smart on their part to have Jordan go first, because no sense in wasting the time for Dan to get through it if Jordan can't. But get through it they did, and arrived at the Pit Stop well before anyone else, only to find out that their prizes on this leg were a motorbike for each of them. In a finely displayed combination of ingratitude, and rearing that would make their mother proud, they both declared they would never go near a motorbike. I'm glad the producers kept that in, because it's not like they were being ungrateful, just acknowledging safety in their upbringing.

I laughed at the 'Pounding The Drums' Detour, not because of the horrible displays of rhythm that we saw, but because the "drum teachers" were ten-year-olds! And Carol and Brandi looked like they got one who was about 5...who they promptly dismissed as being "on crack' and insisted on another one who would count for them.

Michael and Louie gave up, declaring that they were "off like a prom dress" (Man, I just can't get enough of that Rhode Island comedy!), and then decided to go for the Fast Forward instead of just going to the other task. I found that idiotic since it was pretty obvious Dan and Jordan had gone for it. When you leave one task, just do the other one, fools.

And after listening to them incessantly call each other "baby" in last week's episode (which I have written about before), I made a conscious effort to actually count the number of times they said "baby" in this episode. It was thirteen one episode! And on top of that, there were 8 instances of them calling someone "my friend."

Jet and Cord struggled mightily with the Drumming, but eventually got it...leading Cord to declare that he never wants to be a drummer. I heartily agree, because it has been my experience that in general, drummers are douchebags.

When Caite was talking about the potential of U-Turning the lesbians, she was so excited she could barely breathe. And then when they actually got there, it was like she was having an orgasm as she realized that it was actually happening.

I love how Phil explained that this was not a Blind U-Turn, but a regular U-Turn, where teams would have to "identify themselves and face the consequences." What consequences? Unless the team is standing right there as you do it, you're long gone with just a picture left behind. And if the U-Turn works (which it almost always does), you don't even see them again because you check in long ahead of them and they generally get eliminated, unless it's a non-elimination leg.

Carol and Brandi were predictably angry, as Brandi told Carol "They U-Turned us because you're prettier than her." And then in the most juvenile display yet in this season, Carol actually HIT the picture of Caite on the U-Turn board. They also declared that it was "unbelievable," which it really wasn't.

The Road Block was easy...counting. And not counting like last season where you had to climb a tower and look for bells. The links were all there laying right in front of you. This was the easiest challenge yet. And yet I was still worried for Brent and Caite. But...predictably, everyone got it on their first try (props to Michael for his pitch counter!) Although I have to say, that with all the noise and commotion trying to distract them from counting, yelling support at your partner was probably not very helpful.

Ice cream in between a slice of bread? That's flat-out disgusting!

As usual when the ending is predictable, we saw loads of fake drama leading up to the mat, even though we all knew Carol and Brandi would be eliminated because of the U-Turn. Carol and Brandi were very pissy in their exit interview, calling Brent and Caite all sorts of names, and saying it was a dumb move...but I think that any move that eliminates 20% of the field in a contest for $1 million dollars is a pretty smart move. And I can't stand Brent and Caite. You got beat, you got outplayed...suck it up and deal with it, like Joe and Heidi did. It's part of the game. Bitter much?

Note that there's no episode next Sunday, and we'll be back in two weeks with the Final Four.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised you didn't mention the biggest stereotypical response of the season when either Louie or Michael (not sure which one) upon starting the drum task exclaimed "I have no rhythm. I'm as white as white can be". Couldn't believe it. Also have to disagree that it doesn't matter who you use the U-Turn on, since you're eliminating 20% of the field. Shouldn't it be used as strategically as possible instead of driven by an emotional response? If I really wanted to win a million dollars I'd be U-Turning the team who I knew was the strongest physically and emotionally, to increase my odds of being able to win.

Sean said...

With Louie and Michael, the stereotypical comments are just too easy, whether it's being white, having no rhythm, or talking about how hot the girl wih the clue is. Throw in a side of "Drive it like you stole it", and these two could be a post all their own.

Yes, the U-Turn may have been used better, but with 5 teams left, using it on anyone if it causes them to be eliminated is a smart move. You and I would both use it strategically instead of emotionally, but that doesn't make last night's move any less of a good move to put yourself in position to win the game.

Ian said...

Brent at the start of leg 9 called Carol and Brandy b*tches. Caite purposefully yelled she wanted to beat "the mean lesbians" so Carol and Brandy could hear her on the French battlefield way back on leg 4. Let's not forget Caite derogatory, teeth clenching use of the word lesbian from the start of the race. But we should all forget those derogatory remarks because Carol and Brandy are lesbians and made a joke about Caite at the beginning of the race "Where's her tiara?" F U. Carol and Brandy were funny. I will miss them, they did great.

Sean said...

Ian, I'm sure you didn't mean to imply that 'lesbian' was a derogatory term. Your comment reads slightly that way, but I think I know that's not what you mean.

Yes Brent and Caite are idiots. I agree. Can't stand them. But they made a good game play, and Carol and Brandi were bitter for the SAME reasons that Brent and Caite were bitter during the race: petty personality conflicts. It's no different.