Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

27th Championship - Awesome.

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Paul S. said...

Quite a Series when you look at some of the numbers. Ryan Howard with a record 13 strikeouts. Andy Pettite with his 16th and 17th postseason wins, both records. He also added his 6th clinching win in a postseason game, another record. Series MVP Hideki Matsui with a record tying 6 RBI in the final game. Mariano Rivera with his 37th and 38th postseason saves, a record that I don't think will be broken for a long time if ever. A-Rod with 18 postseason RBI's, tying the record. Chase Utley with 5 HR's in the final tying Reggie Jackson's mark. And almost lost in the dust was Derek Jeter with his 10 hits and .407 average.....the greatest Yankee hitter of all time was great again when it counted. This was very satisfying and I am going to savour it all winter.