Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009

Since I took last week off from a full Amazing Race Recap, I thought I would do one this week, although it will be a short one.

I mentioned that last week's Switchback challenge featuring the hay-rolling was anti-climactic since nobody was eliminated, but it was interesting to see the departure times of teams this week, and understand just how long it took them to do the challenge last week. From the time the Globetrotters arrived at 2:23 to when Gary and Matt arrived at 6:29, it was over 4 hours separating the teams. That's a lot of hay-rolling.

I've never been a fan of the non-elimination legs to begin with, but the carousel of punishments is even worse. First it was taking all of their money. Then it was their money and belongings. THEN, it was everything but the clothes on their back (that certainly was interesting at times). And now, the Speed Bump seemed like a great idea, but when they only make them complete a task that takes 5 minutes, it's kind of redundant, isn't it? Although sitting next to that attractive Estonian lady in just a towel was clearly enjoyable for Matt. I'm surprised he was able to stand up in his own towel when the 5 minutes was up.

What the hell is up with the producers making contestants compete tasks in their underwear or various states of undress this season. A couple of weeks ago, the teams had to play that ridiculous Dutch golf game in their underwear, and in this episode we had the SaunaBuss (soooo weird), and the mud volleyball challenge which required them to strip down again.

In the volleyball challenge, of course we needed the obligatory comment from the gay team that the competitors were "Estonian hotties", but were they really so hot that Gary and Dan were getting aroused while playing? That's the only explanation I can come up with since they were blurring out the crotches of their boxers shorts during the task. It couldn't have been more obvious...was it the necessary blurring of boners? At one point they talked about how volleyball was fun, and they "really enjoyed playing it." Apparently!

I don't think there was any sort of elbowing or malicious intent by either team in the footrace at the end. It just appeared to be incidental contact on a very narrow boardwalk that didn't really allow for passing. It'll be interesting to see how that situation evolves, and if it will be anything like the Margie & Luke vs. Jen & Kisha drama from last season.

Sorry to see Gary and Matt go, but they ran a good race. At this point, there's nobody really to root against, all the teams are still quite likable.

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