Sunday, November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009

We’ve all had the discussion before. It was even made famous in an episode of Friends. If you were able to pick 5 celebrities that you had the green light to sleep with, who would be on your List?

I’ve had this discussion with a number of people over the past 15 years, even prior to that episode of Friends that introduced it to the masses. When I was married, my wife and I even discussed it, and just for fun, had our respective lists. The lead singers from two different bands were on her list, and we got to meet one of them backstage when we were at a concert…and the other one, I actually had over for a dinner party in our house! Maybe subconsciously, I was trying to green-light it…who knows?

My list has evolved over the years. Meg Ryan used to be a mainstay, but she’s no longer on the list. Teri Hatcher, Jennifer Garner, Naomi Watts, Jennifer Aniston, and a few others have all spent time on the list. I used to have such a crush on Kimberley Williams (waaaaaay prior to the travesty that is According to Jim) after seeing her in Father of the Bride, that I bet my roommate in University that I would marry her within 10 years. Oh, the confidence and arrogance of being an 18-year old! Alas, things never worked out with Kimberley and I (Damn you, Brad Paisley!), and I think I still owe Darren $10.

So, here’s your newest discussion topic. Who is on YOUR list? Feel free to explain and expand, or simply list the names.

Let’s fill up the Comments section and get a good discussion going. It’s been a while. Leave it anonymous if you want, but please be honest about your list.

And for the record, my List is (in no particular order): Jennifer Connelly, Evangeline Lilly, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox, and Kristen Stewart. (Honourable Mention to Carrie Underwood)

Let’s hear yours…


Stacey said...

Okay.....I actually get pretty specific with my list!!
Ryan Reynolds (from Blade 3)
Brad Pitt (from Troy)
Mark Wahlberg (when he modeled Calvin Kleins)
Johnny Depp (when he's a little scruffy)
Channing Tatum (any time)


NatTheBrat said...

Most of u guys already know that my list changes
depending on where I'm going, my most recent list
while in Vegas:

1. Patrik Antonious
2. Illery Sahamies (Zigmund)
3. Durrrrrrrrrrrr
4. Phil Ivey (who I met but he denied being Phil Ivey)
5. Matt Damon - who is always on my list

Heather said...

- Jason Statham
- Roy Dupuis (from La Femme Nikita)
- David Duchovny
- Simon Baker (from Devil Wears Prada)
- Edward Cullen (not Robert Pattinson. Do they have to be real?)

Sean said...

Stacey, if I played for the other team, Johnny Depp would have to be on my list.

Heather, yes they should be real, but I'll give you a pass on this one.

Nat, nice poker-themed list, but the more important question is: If the room was frozen...

brytni said...

Chad Michael Murray for SUUURE.
The dood from the Mentalist.
Shane West (since i was like, 13)
Chace Crawford annnnd
Stephen Colletti

Dev said...

Well...I think it is great to 'dream' and sometimes someone on television (or other media) catches your eye and you think , hmmm...would I ? .. when it came down to it we all would.

So on a personal note, someone had caught my eye (who was on television - I will call him 'Roger')and I thought hmmm...if I had the chance would I ? Well the chance came one day I took is a great feeling when you finally get what you may have only dreamed of...the follow through - amazing.

So being able to 'dream' is a great thing :)

My list has also changed over the years...and in no specific order - I had a few more but you only want 5 - and this was tough!

1. Paul Maurice (former Toronto Maple Leafs coach - atttraction: eyes and his aggressive demeanor - who doesn't like some take charge attitude? And this may sound strange, he has great hands, it is ALL in the hands..think about it..

2. Jensen Button - Formula One driver....again, liking the aggressive side ...driving F1 you have to be....his eyes and smile and he looks great in his full leather race suit...again good hands....

3. Gabriel Aubrey - Canadian Model / Actor - I have been a 'fan' since the 90's - he has remained the longest on the list other than the aforementioned 'Roger'. Hands ? This one has got other things a bit more interesting than his hands.... Since Halle Berry has him now - I figure I will just keep dreaming of this one :)

4. Carey Hart - A bad boy - the 'edge', eyes and his lips is what does it for me ...He does not even need to talk in fact... sometimes when they open their mouth it ruins everything :) If I ever wanted some ink it would be Carey 'putting his mark on me'...again the hands

5. Bad Boy # 2 - Chris Sarantakos -the edge, the raw animal look in his eyes, dark hair... yeah...many people know him by Criss Angel...although I would love to be in front of him and see if he can pick up my thoughts - 'just kiss me' the rest of the fame is not what attracts me to him...and his magic hands ...sorry :)

One final runner up to the top five - Jamie Oliver (a man who can cook and is alot of fun) watching him - well his hands cook - anytime in my kitchen ...

Anonymous said...


George Foreman.

Buster Douglas.

George "The Animal" Steele.

The Wild Samoans (tag team style)

Anonymous said...

Now because intelligence is not a requirement to bed someone, this list is as follows:

Angelina Jolie
Meagan Fox
Halle Berry
Demi Moore
Jessica Alba

I know there are many more that could take a spot on this list at any time, but those are the first 5 that came to mind.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

My "All Canadian list":

Anna Paquin

Neve Campbell

Rachel McAdams

Ellen Page

Elisha Cuthbert

Anonymous said...

My list required a few revisions before i weeded out the best of the best- in my books! For me it starts with the eyes...
Here they are:
1. John Cusack
2. Ryan Reynolds
3. Matt Damon
4. Jeffery Dean Morgan (+ dimples!)
5. Colin Firth

Honourable mentions:
-Vince Vaughn
-Hugh Grant
-Gerrard Butler