Sunday, November 22, 2009

November 22, 2009

Finally, for the first time in a number of weeks, a good episode of The Amazing Race. I was surprised to see that the 4 teams were only 22 minutes apart in terms of when they arrived at the last pit stop, but even more amused to see Flight Time and Big Easy's shock that Brian and Ericka arrived at the airport at the same time as them. "How did they get here so fast?" they asked. Well, my guess would be that they only left TWO minutes after you.

Is there anything funnier than someone scoffing at someone and correcting them, and then being wrong themselves? Upon hearing that they were going to Prague, Gay Brother #1 asked "Do they speak Spanish there?", and Gay Brother #2 responded disdainfully, "No, Prague is a country." I once worked with two women who were arguing about what Tofu was (this is 100% a true story), and one of them said it was chicken...and the other one scoffed at her, "No, it's not! It's cheese."

Brian and Ericka - NEWSFLASH! Separating from the other teams is always a bad idea. If you see 3 teams getting in taxis and driving away, don't get on the shuttle bus to the train. Even if it's not faster, at least you're staying with the other teams. And then when Brian admitted it was a bad idea, and specifically said "I'm not blaming her" with regards to Ericka, she snapped at him "Don't blame it on me." That man has the patience of a saint. (more later)

I have to say, it's rather anti-climactic when you have a team attempting a challenge, and the editors flash up a graphic of "1st Attempt." It's so clear that they fail on the first try when you see that. Why not start the graphics with the second attempt. Very bad in terms of foreshadowing, and for a show that thrives on manufacturing drama, it's very disappointing.

When I first saw the zipline challenge, I thought it was a bad idea for the Globetrotters to pick it simply because of their size. And that was confirmed when we saw Big Easy's feet actually in the water at one point. I thought he was going to kick Sam and Dan in the head when they paddled by, as retaliation for the elbow/non-elbow from last episode.

For the zipline challenge, the thing that looked the most uncomfortable was the gear they had to strap into for the ride across. It appeared to be very snug in the crotch region, and looked like it was causing the men some discomfort. And in the season-long continuation of Ericka saying inappropriate things, she commented that "It's going to be good for me!" Really, Ericka? You've got a handle on the black-white comments, but now you're going to sexual pleasure from harnesses? What's next, asking the cab driver to hit the rumble strips on the side of the road so you can get one more joyous moment before the next pit stop?

Sam and Dan stealing Brian and Ericka's cab was definitely not cool, but not nearly as lame as Brian yelling "Game On!" after it happened. You're on the 10th leg of the race, and you would assume that this is the leg to decide the final three, but THIS is the time for "Game On!"? Plus, it's the least intimidating statement anyways coming from Brian. He's been so helpful, I felt like there was a pretty good chance he would have just offered it to them anyways.

I didn't understand Cheyne's logic of looking in every room and then leaving the door open. What better way to say to the teams that are looking later "Hey, I already checked this room!" And when the clue says that you need to look for a 'mini-mandolin', do you really think that means 'full-sized guitar.' And even if you do...why are you carrying TWO of them around and not even taking them to the singer on the stage?

If Dan (or Sam...I still don't know who is who) was a Vocal Performance Major, then how come, upon arriving at a clue box outside of an opera house that they asked to be taken to, they didn't think it might be in their best interest to pick him? And also, upon reading the clue "Who is compsed under pressure?", how on earth did Brian think that Ericka was the logical choice? Did you see her face? Even she thought it was an idiotic decision. Did he not see her trying to count bells?

I loved the comment from Brian and Ericka when they arrived at the opera house at the same time Sam and Dan were leaving. Brian was offended that they wouldn't even look at him and instead "acted like they were reading their clue." Did you ever think that maybe they were just reading their clue?

I just saw a great shot of Prague Castle earlier this week (see above), and looked it up because I didn't really know anything about it, so it was kind of neat seeing it as the pit stop on this leg of the race. Disappointing to see that it was yet another non-elimination leg, but it should provide some drama for next week with the stolen cab situation.

It's tough to root for Brian and Ericka, even though Brian is upbeat and positive and optmistic and supportive. Ericka is just such a witch. They're rapidly becoming the new incarnation of Flo and Zach from Season 3.

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