Thursday, November 24, 2011

Survivor South Pacific Mini-Recap: "The Coach And Cochran Show"

With this week's episode being the annual Thanksgiving Clip Show, I wasn't planning on any sort of recap. As a matter of fact, I didn't even watch the episode until Thursday night. After being inundated with texts and messages saying I should be doing a recap, and after seeing the episode, I decided to throw together a few of My Random Thoughts:

- How was Cochran being respectful (and PETA-friendly) to the fish as he was ripping its guts out? And what did he mean that he wasn't putting his fingers where the fish wouldn't want them? If given the choice, I'm pretty sure the fish doesn't want your fingers IN THE HOLE YOU JUST CUT IN ITS ABDOMEN.

- Brandon talked with Coach about his goal to play the game honourably (Canadian spelling, even though it's American Thanksgiving) and then we heard a sound bite of him telling us "Nobody would have guessed that Russell Hantz's nephew would do something like that."

But here's the thing...if you listen closely, you can hear that the "Russell Hantz's nephew" is spliced into the sound bite. I'm serious...go back and watch that scene again. It's painfully obvious. Did they just take a recording of him saying that, and work it in wherever it's necessary to remind us that Brandon is his know, just in case you forgot.

- Cochran getting advice from Papa Bear on how to pick up women at a bar was painful to watch. From the creepy hand motions, to the suspect fashion suggestions (tight shirt to show off Cochran's 'muscles'?), to the stalker-ish "you're really pretty", it was fraught with disaster, Cochran's social awkwardness notwithstanding.

- Coach had a hissy fit about Mikayla taking too much sugar for her coffee, which reminded me of Saggy Drawers Phillip from last season ranting about crispy rice. He decided that the best solution for his ire was to taunt a weak-stomached Mikayla by barbecuing pork fat on a stick and fake gagging in front of her. It seemed to work, and as much as I was a fan of Mikayla, I thought that scene was pretty funny.

- Cochran looked like a boy with a schoolyard crush as he pushed Elyse in the hammock, but the story he told was embarrassing and disgusting. You're seriously going to tell a story about crapping your pants when you were five years old...and in such detail? Well, at least it gave us the line "She got to my butt and, of course, it's jackpot."
- Whitney and Keith in the Lover's Bungalow...with Cochran alluding to what may happen 9 months later? I'm sure Whitney's (ex?) husband was not pleased watching that scene.

- The scene with Ozzy and Cochran killing a rooster was inconsequential, and while you may think it was shown to indicate more of Ozzy's behaviour towards Cochran, I think the message was in the closing comment of this scene from Cochran, where he talked about his strength being able to worm his way into each alliance once the Merge happened and the game became an individual game. Mission accomplished so far.

- Coach wears a toe ring. My girlfriend spotted it in the episode, and the PVR back-up confirmed it. Just wanted to make sure you know that.

- Coach talked to Cochran and compared everyone to Greek figures of myth. I thought it was apt that he compared Cochran to Hercules, because Coach was indeed "riding the bull" with this ridiculous speech.

- We heard that "the weak will become the strong, and the strong will become the weak," which was indeed the case after Cochran flipped, and started the Savaii Domino Chain of Keith, Ozzy, Jim, Dawn, and Whitney being eliminated.

- I say this as a big fan of Sophie, but after weeks and weeks, I finally realized who she reminds me of:
- Brandon lost a chicken by not holding it tight enough, which made me think that since it was a female chicken, and he's a married man, he couldn't be anywhere near it. Why did the whole tribe watch and say nothing as he decided to just kill the other chicken anyways?

And did Rick really suggest that the best way to deal with the chicken was to either A) grab it by the neck and swing it around, or B) bite it? Maybe it's better if you don't talk know, like you have for the entire season.

- Jim didn't say a word until the end of the episode, and even then, it was only to laugh at Brandon for losing the chicken and praying. Yep, Jim is a giant douchebag.

- Based on the editing of this recap show, I'm thinking that Coach and Cochran make it to the end, because it was certainly heavily weighted towards those two. I hope I'm wrong...not because I don't want them to make it, but because I'm getting sick of the blatant editing that gives the whole show/season away.

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Emma Furfaro said...

Alright I am literally dying of laughter in my room right now over this recap! Thank you SO much for bringing back the hilarity of the crispy rice scene and Philip's horrible pink loosie whities. So many questions- Is Whitney legit married?! Why did it seem like Rick talked more than Jim this season? Jim's the annoying loudmouth and I was near positive Rick was a mute! Yes Sophie is Tinky-Winky, thank you for bringing this to the light. Okay more questions- Why did they not recap Angry Christine's crazy eyebrows or that psycho spoken word artist's spoken words? Oh hmm Cochran I wonder why papa bear is so bad at giving girl advice.. Oh right, he's gay!! So much hilarious stuff happened in this episode including Cochran being equated to Hercules. Hercules! Baaahahah! Great recap, can't wait for next week when we say bye bye Russel's nephew..

Choirchick22 said...

My mum was raised on a farm, and they really do pick up chickens by the neck and swing em around to kill em. If you cut off the heads, they tend to run around without it and bleed everywhere. I thought it was a myth, but it's true!

Chicken killing aside, I'm glad you did the recap! I had no idea she was married! Gotta love people like that. All the more reason not to respect her.

Haha I can't believe he trusted Papa Bear's advice on girls. He's gay. He has no idea how girls work! Poor Cochran would be better off with the poo story. At least it's funny in a horribly awkward and disgusting way.

Anonymous said...

Fun recap.

You hit the ballpark with the Tinky-Winky pic. I've been wondering WHO Sophie reminded me of too.


HoH8 said...

Wow...what a Great recap show...i dont understand why so many peeps dont like them.....

The power of the CBS Edits...they knew Whitney was they edited so we wont see her loving romance with Keith...the latest update is that they are still together....

and we never saw any of that footage with the much stuff that was never shown...

I say make Survivor 2 hrs long every week so we can see this extra stuff and the return of the reward challange...The Apprentice runs for 2 hrs every week so it could be done if CBS wants to...☺...

Kiwi Al said...

Thanks for recap Sean, I ignored this episode because it's a recap but might now go back and watch it after reading your comments.

Anonymous said...

Okay I figured Coach would make it but I sure hope that he doesn't & same with his sidekick. Sorry I just can't (never could) stand Coach.
If they do make it & either win, I seriously may stop watching.

Choirchick22 said...

@Anonymous. You may seriously stop watching? Just because they played a good game and might just win? Whether you like who wins or not, whoever wins deserves it. They survived, and convinced a jury of others in that situation that they deserve it. If you truly like the show, you'll respect the way things turn out. If you want to pick the winner that you like the most personally, watch American Idol, or dancing with the stars.
Just my opinion.