Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Survivor South Pacific Recap: November 2, 2011

After last week’s bold (Translation: foolish) move by Ozzy, sending himself to Redemption Island, would the perfect storm of circumstances converge to get him back into the game? Could all three factors come in to place at once: 1) defeating Angry C in the Duel, 2) finding out that this is the week the Redemption (Non) Island winner gets back in the game, and 3) the merge taking place.

Could all three of these factors happen, as Ozzy predicted? Will God continue to play a bigger role this season than Rick? And is Cochran really thinking about keeping the Idol?

My recap should be up by 10:00 pm ET. Make sure to check back.



Choirchick22 said...

Haha my apartment walls are very thin, and I consistently hear the woman next door saying "Oh Rick, oh Rick!" Apparently he's busy here, and God is playing for him on Survivor. I just watched last weeks episode, so I'll be ready to watch and comment tonight. :) Should be interesting to see if Cochran can take advantage of Ozzy's stupidity.

Roxanne Tellier said...

What if Cochran is a better actor than Ozzy - not hard to believe - and is actually a real double agent? After this week, Team Coach definitely trust Cochran. But I wouldn't be rushing to judgment on that ... See my recap at

Sean said...

Roxanne, I enjoyed your post on Starpulse. Thanks for commenting here. I'm all for cross promotion as long as it's Survivor-related, so please feel free to give a link (or directions) to find your recap in the comments section each week, as long as we're still talking about the show.

But, you've posted this comment in the "preview' post that I put up prior to the episode. You may want to post in the commments section of the actual recap.