Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Survivor South Pacific Recap: “Sometimes You Just Gotta Sack Up And Go For It”

Last week’s episode of Survivor South Pacific featured Brandon breaking down (again), a heated discussion of loyalty vs. strength, and everyone’s favourite Lingerie Football Player heading to Redemption (Non) Island. This week, would Mikayla be able to end Christine’s winning streak? Why are the tribes wearing war paint? And who is coming up with a crazy plan?

My Random Thoughts:

- I missed the “Previously on Survivor” segment since my PVR wasn’t working at the beginning of the episode, but that may be a good thing since I’m sick of the constant reminders of what you need to remember for this episode. Maybe I’ll skip it every week.

- Night Vision Recap: Brandon is unpredictable, and Coach thinks there may come a time to “put a bullet in his head.” Pretty harsh considering last week’s episode ended with The Dragon Slayer telling his Apprentice, “I love you, man.”

- I love that we had the Redemption (Non) Island Duel right off the top with no buildup whatsoever. Let’s get this shit out of the way. Angry C and Mikayla had to take apart a crate, build a bridge, and then do a puzzle, all with the pieces from the crate. Jeff told us “this is a ‘do or die’ duel”, which despite the awesome alliteration, is kind of redundant, since aren’t ALL of them ‘do or die’?
Albert tried to help Mikayla, Probst suggestively hollered “both women getting into a rhythm”, and then offered up another obvious nugget with regards to the puzzle planks: “the ones that have a pattern are part of your puzzle.” Really, Jeff?

Mikaya appeared to have the solution, but it wasn’t right, and Angry C was able to get it together and solve the puzzle first to unbelievably win her fifth Duel in a row. Did you notice that neither Angry C nor Mikayla said a word until the challenge was over? No Probst pre-chat or anything, like it was a rushed way to just get it out of the way and get on with the rest of the episode. Mikayla deserved better than that. Raw deal.

After the Duel, Ozzy said that he was worried because if Angry C gets back into the game, she might “go to the other side.” You mean the side that voted her out? The side that she gripes about at every Duel? The side she gives the finger to when someone tries to cheer her on? That’s who you’re concerned about her aligning with at a potential merge?

And now you want to consider having someone go to Redemption (Non) Island on purpose to try and defeat her? This is the stupidest idea I’ve seen on this show since J.T. handed Russell an Immunity Idol after a challenge.

- Ozzy’s “worst case scenario plan” involved handing his Idol off to someone and volunteering himself to go to Redemption. Correction on what I just wrote: THIS is now the stupidest thing I’ve seen on the show. “It might be one of those big moves that I have to make”, Ozzy told us…because “sometimes you just gotta, like, sack up, and go for it.”

- I was thrilled to see the return of Dragon Slayer Tai Chi in the water, if only to hear Coach say “I am not worthy” 37 times in a row, which only makes me think of this. And the return of the Eagle’s Cry at the end…classic.
- In order to build team unity around the Immunity Idol, Coach created a ruse about finding the Idol. He felt he had to because he, Albert, and Sophie knew that he had it, but, as he put it, “people like Rick, and Brandon and Edna want to find the Idol.” People like them? Don’t you just mean the three of them? If you three already know, and those three don’t, there’s no need to sugarcoat “people like” them…it’s THEM.

- Upolu prayed for the search, and then prayed for victory in the next challenge. This is the part where I once again remind everyone that GOD DOESN’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS ON SURVIVOR!!!!

Sophie doesn’t put a lot of weight into Coach’s fake prayer since he already has the Idol, and she correctly commented on the insincerity of it all. I now officially love Sophie for saying that.

After the Idol was ultimately revealed to (people like) Brandon, Edna, and Rick, Brandon said it was thanks to the prayer they offered. How foolish do you think he feels at home watching this? And will he be upset at Coach at the Live Reunion show?
- For the Immunity/Reward challenge, the tribes were provided with paint to adorn themselves with what appeared to be an effort to re-create the greatest WWF Tag Teams of the 80’s: I saw the Road Warriors, Demolition, and even the Warlord and Barbarian. Maybe Sting and The Ultimate Warrior too, but you have to be a die-hard wrestling fan to know that they were a tag team named The Blade Runners before they became solo stars. My point is, all the teams looked ridiculous. (extra marks for Brandon’s painted-on bra)

- The Reward was a trip to the “Survivor Cinema”, where teams would be able to get themselves incredibly sick on candy, and watch the new Adam Sandler movie, Jack and Jill. Reality TV hasn’t been this un-realistic since Gervase got a single piece of pizza flown in by helicopter in Season 1.

- For the challenge itself, it was a variation on the caller leading blindfolded teammates to get bags to solve a puzzle. These challenges are always good for some injuries, and this one was no exception.
Jeff called out Cochran for messing up the “rope management” (screw you and your teal shirt, Probst!), and Coach kept grabbing his balls while calling out instructions. In the end, Upolu won, and I was honestly sickened at the blatant insincerity from Coach and his forced prayer both during and after the game. Turns out the paint served no purpose other than to make them look ridiculous.

Ozzy was angry and went Kung Fu Panda on the wall, Brandon threw the finger skyward once again for thanks, and God responded by saying “You get to see Sandler first, my son!”

- The Survivor Cinema was product placement right out of the Big Brother textbook. You and your staged reactions get no more time in my recap.

- At Savaii, Ozzy blames Cochran, and the group decides to send Woody Aiken to Redemption (Non) Island after a period of constant verbal abuse. Cochran was confused by the turnaround from Ozzy, saying “instead of the Trojan Horse, they’re sending the Court Jester.”
- But the next morning, Ozzy reconsidered and decided that he should be the one to go…much like he did an about-face last week on the “Free Agent” thing. What I’m taking from this, is that with all the flipping and flopping Ozzy does…he really needs to sleep on things! Seriously, the next time Ozzy says something that his Tribe doesn’t agree with, everyone should just say “let’s talk about it in the morning.”

The rest of the tribe was reluctant, because this is A RIDICULOUS IDEA! They have no idea when then merge is coming, and as Keith and Jim aggressively (and correctly) pointed out, if they have to compete in another challenge, they now have a significantly weaker Tribe.
- At Tribal council, Ozzy talked about making this decision because he had a dream. “This time, my heart and my gut is saying ‘get your ass to Redemption Island and prove to your tribe that you are worth keeping in this game.’ ”

He then talked about creating a story where Cochran is the bad guy, and can serve as a double agent after a merge since Upolu would think he is on the outs with Savaii. That’s actually pretty smart, if it wasn’t a part of the DUMBEST IDEA IN SURVIVOR HISTORY!

- Even if there is a merge, and IF Ozzy wins, I still think this is foolish. Jeff flat out asked him about it in this awesome exchange:

Jeff: If you don’t win the duel tomorrow, you go out a bigger fool than you did the last time.
Ozzy: Yeah.

Honestly, how else could you answer other than a resigned “yeah”?

- Just before voting, Ozzy seemed to change his mind, which fooled me for a moment, and had me believing that perhaps he had come to his senses and not followed through on what may be the DUMBEST MOVE IN SURVIVOR HISTORY…but he was just kidding.

- In the end, Ozzy handed off the Idol to Cochran (with a promise to give it back), and headed off to Redemption (Non) Island for his upcoming Duel with Angry C.

Next week: Will Ozzy’s Gamble Pay Off?

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shipaddict said...

So ... Ozzy had a dream, huh? Did Philip's great-great-grandfather talk to him in this dream?

Anonymous said...

loved ur recap-like always...christine is ona roll! If ozzy does beat her next week that sux for her! But alas i think this sounds a lil too much like this years BB Lawon exit..."ima come back with a super power!" ozzy should seriously no better.... -Jennifer Harris

HoH8 said...

OOOOOHHH NNNNOOOOOO....what happened to my hottie cutie baby Ozzy?....did he lose his mind?

I havent stopped crying... :-(

Anonymous said...

Ozzy is a moron. I'd love it if ozzy wins tomorrow but merge doesnt happen. Then red team loses and sends cochrane who accidentally beats ozzy at the next duel.

1138 said...

Which was the worst Product Placement this week: Jack & Jill or God?

Anonymous said...

LOL 1138, I think god was slayed by a dragon

AliB said...

Did anyone else notice that Edna was missing from the viewing of the movie? I think she slammed her head into the obstacle course one too many times and suffered a concusion?.... That or after the challenge when Coach pushed on Edna's shoulders and told her to get on her knees... to pray... maybe he shoved her tiny body into the sand and they couldn't find her before the movie started. (We will miss you Mikayla!!)

R.P. McMurphy said...

Sean, I am not worthy, I am not worthy, Sean, I am not worthy. Despicable.

I need to lie and deceive the others. I will use the analogy of putting a bullet into someone's head to represent my treachery. Praise be to God!

I heard there was some suffering going on in the world so if the Survivors can spare him, please vote God off the island so He can attend to some real issues.

You're always big on the innuendo so, as you mentioned after the challenge, Coach went into a clearly planned prayer session that had him forcing people down, yelling "Get on your knees, on your knees!"

I totally agree with the absurdity of Ozzy's plan. You're absolutely right, have the observers at Redepmtion Isthmus not been paying attention? Christine wants to change teams! Plus, I think she's low on money (TAR). I hope that if the merge was already planned, the producers alter that plan on the fly and stretch out this ridiculous scenario until it backfires on Ozzy and his tribe.

Steve said...

I respected Redemption Island Matt's religious views--as his own--but Coach's "get down on your knees now!" was infuriating.

Commenter 1138 hit the nail on the head!

Eudaemon said...

Thanks to Jeff's teaser last week, we all knew how this episode was going to end right after the RI challenge. Still, it was hilarious to see how it all panned out, with Ozzy being totally convinced of his hare-brained idea (just like JT) and somehow managing to convince his tribe-mates to follow through on it. Let this be a lesson in Survivor (and life), 'bold moves' should not have so much downside and zero upside!

Btw, agree with Dalton, the RI exits are becoming way too lame. Survivors who were voted out have lost (especially those who were blindsided) and should be made to exit the walk of shame alone like the good old days. Not go out feeling good or in delusion/denial thinking they had proved themselves somehow.

Yeti said...

WAY too much God in last night's episode. No one is going to convince me that God cares about who wins a TV reality show.

I guess I'd like to see Ozzy's gambit work, but it's very, very risky, and I don't see it ending well for him or his tribe...

Anonymous said...

Love your recap & pics Sean!


Vyrastas said...

I think Ozzy just made one of the dumbest Survivor moves ever. IMO.

MisterMac said...

For me, it is obvious that Probst dislikes Cochran, since he keeps trying to throw Cochran under the bus. Probst...just ask the questions and stop trying to be a tribe member.

Ozzy's "plan" is nothing more than trying to get more face time on the show. Go to RI to attempt to win the RI chalenge against a person who would flip to his tribe? Stupid.

And at least Matt on last season was genuine about his religion...Coach's praying is another example, like Ozzy, of garnering more face time on the show. Disgusting.

The only thing redeeming about this season is there are not as many mindless "sheeple" in the tribes. Burnett...ditch RI!

Anonymous said...

Anyone wonder if Cochran threw the challenge? Why wouldn't he? Ozzy already told him he would go and give him the idol!!