Monday, October 11, 2010

Worst Tattoo Ever?

Chris Anderson of the Denver Nuggets got yet another tattoo, and this may be the worst one I've ever seen. If you can find a picture of a more hideous tattoo than this (in conception or execution...or both), post a link to it in the Comments section and I'll put them all together in one post.


Anonymous said...

What? That's nothing. I guarantee you'll find worse tattoos on this site. But if you're looking for specific contenders:

That third one is quite possibly the least tasteful thing I've ever seen.


Sean said...

Yes Caesar, those are indeed pretty nasty...but I have to give it to Jim M., who suggested the following:

Anonymous said...

Patrick swayze horse with hap-hazard rainbow? Who asks for that???

Anonymous said...

Can't go wrong with Swayze Unicorn I suppose.


nicki said...

umm...i don't have a picture...but today...i saw some girl, who had a HUGE tattoo of papa smurf on the side of her neck...papa smurf..ok..i liked smurfs a lot when i was young...and am quite excited for the 3D smurfs movie that is coming out...but..srsly?