Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua Recap: "I'm Easy To Get Along With...I Think."

Last week on Survivor we saw the emergence of NaOnka as the ultimate Survivor Villain. At least Russell Hantz had fans, but this woman is inspiring international anger that spills over into new territory. For instance, there are now Facebook groups that are being created calling for her to lose her job as a Phys. Ed. Teacher.

Last week’s preview teased that we were in for a NaOnka storm this week. Would her ridiculous behavior continue? Will her tribe be able to tolerate her? And will La Flor ever figure out the clues to the Hidden Immunity Idol?

My Random Thoughts:

- After Tribal Council, the Older Tribe returned to camp to find Jimmy T anointing himself the new leader of the tribe now that Jimmy J was gone. His first sign of “leadership”? Telling the rest of his tribemates during a rainstorm: “When the going gets tough, you know what I mean?” Did he not know that the ending to that adage was “the tough get going”, or was he doing one of those things where people unnecessarily change something in an attempt to shorten it…and it doesn’t really shorten it?

- Also, when there are two players with the same name on the show, after one of them is eliminated, can we please stop using the initial? Can he just be “Jimmy” now? Is the T really necessary?

- Espada woke up to discover a makeshift river running through their beach, and then the freak show began. Jimmy was watching a pelican in the water, and declared that since the pelican was finding fish, it couldn’t be that hard. But what he was clearly forgetting is that HE’S NOT A PELICAN! It was a comedy of errors watching him try to throw that net in the water, nearly falling over, and flicking mud on the camera. And keep this in mind, folks…do you know what Jimmy does for a living? He’s a FISHERMAN!

- After Brenda deciphered the clue, crazy NaOnka dug it up and declared it was hers since she figured it out. And stop telling me you’re from South Central L.A. already! You already told us you weren’t ghetto, but you were hood…or vice versa. (Neither of which I understand). And if you want to consider the intelligence levels of NaOnka vs. her alliance-mate Brenda, consider the comments they made after finding the Idol. Brenda: “When you find an Idol, you just don’t tell anyone.” NaOnka: “Not even a one-legged person can stand in my way.”

- Following Kelly and Alina and then verbally attacking them proved that NaOnka is nothing but a bully. I wonder what the anti-bullying programs are like at the school where she teaches. What an example for the students.

- Jimmy T on Marty: “Shut up, you preppy little bitch. You wouldn’t last a minute in my world.” Which to me, must mean that Marty would not be able to sit on a musty old recliner watching Football while his dentures sat in a glass of Polident on the TV tray beside him.

- Jimmy T and NaOnka are flat out crazy. Nutbar. Batshit insane. I was hoping they both would have made the jury because it would have been the most venom and bile-filled Final Tribal Council since Sue Hawk promised to never give Kelly Wigglesworth water if she was dying of thirst on the side of the road.

- Seeing all the Sears product placements in the Reward/Immunity challenge made me wonder how long it’s going to be before we get the “loved ones” episode where we get to hear all about the great features of the Sony Palm Prefrom Jeff Probst. Did you notice that Chase even said “God Bless Sears” when they got back to camp?

- La Flor smoked Espada in the Immunity challenge. It was embarrassing watching the old fogeys wander around blindfolded. And of course, Jimmy T had excuses at the end…do you notice he always has an excuse?

- Brenda tells NaOnka not to tell anyone about the Idol, then she tells Chase? Why does nobody on this season make any sense at all?

- Did Purple Kelly say anything this episode? Is she even on this show?

- I’m starting to regret my choice of Marty as my pick to win the game. On consecutive weeks where Dan should have been the one voted out, he pushed for Jimmy J and then Jimmy T…both of which were the wrong decision for the tribe, and only based on Marty’s personal opinions of them both. Yes Jimmy T is volatile and insane, but leaving Dan on your team for challenges would only ensure that the team would lose every challenge. They could have TWO Medallions of Power and they still wouldn’t have a shot. This vote again was a big mistake, and I blame Marty.

- This episode really frustrated me. I can only take so much of Jimmy T talking about how he needs a shot. It made my head hurt. Then we have a Dr. Phil episode break out during Tribal Council? I need something in the next couple of weeks to pick this show up for me. I knew this Old vs. Young twist was going to be painful.

Next Week: The Tribes get switched up. (Gee, who saw that coming?)

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Anonymous said...

Great recap Sean.

Brenda told Chase because she's playing the game. She is trying to keep a grip on two alliances at the same time and I think it will work. She could have an outside shot at winning this thing.

(doesn't hurt that she isn't too hard on the eyes either)

Question - Do you think CBS foots the bill to have everyone get new teeth before the show? Every Survivor season seems like a plug for the American Dental Association.