Sunday, October 3, 2010

Amazing Race Recap: "Ghana, Ghana. Here We Come!"

After last week’s Watermelon-rific Season Premiere of The Amazing Race, the teams were off to Africa to sell sunglasses and move coffins. Who’s offering up kisses to the locals? What is making the Ghanian women dance? And why are two doctors rolling a giant shellfish down the street on a cart?

My Random Thoughts:

- As I said last week, I like the concept of the Express Pass, but with the way they’re pounding us over the head with it, I sure hope it comes into play in a big way.

- How many teams are going to give us the analogy of the tortoise and the hare? Every season we have to get a bunch of teams who keep telling us that one of them is calm and the other one is impulsive. Predictable.

- I liked how Connor and Jonathan decided to wait for Brook and Claire (and then Katie and Rachel) “because they’re right here” as they started this leg. I’m sure it was just out of the goodness of their hearts, and not the fact that it would be the closest these two Glee Club singers would ever get to two hot TV show hosts and two hot beach volleyball players.

- Brook accosted an Englishman in a tractor for directions, and got what she needed after promising a kiss. In her camera confessional, she declared that the kiss would be part of her strategy for the race, and that there would be “a lot more to come.” What the hell does that mean? Are we going to see her waving the camera away as she brings a local into an alley for a few minutes?

- Proving that Miss Kentucky Mallory can make a rhyme/cheer out of anything, upon learning that the teams were heading to Accra, Ghana, she chanted “Ghana, Ghana, here we come!” Seriously…way too perky.

- Andie and Jenna talked about how this race was a good opportunity for them because it was “the only time we’re ever going to have for our whole lives.” Is this race a make-or-break trip for these two? Like if they don’t win, it’s a clean break? What does that comment even mean?

- What would you do if an aggressive African panhandler was reaching in your window and then spit on you after you didn’t give him money? I’m not sure what I would do, but I know that harmonizing and singing “Please Drive Faaaaaaster” would not be anywhere on my list.

- When Connor and Jonathan got to the Roadblock, Connor told Jonathan that he should do it, and he made a very aggressive point that he was not a good choice. I think he’s one of those people who like to implement the ‘anyone but me’ strategy. Can you picture him playing softball…maybe out in the outfield…and as the ball is hit between him and another fielder, he’s running the opposite way and yelling “Not mine!”

- If you’re trying to sell sunglasses to a woman in Ghana, do you really think that ‘You look just like Paris Hilton” is a good sales pitch? First of all, no one in Ghana looks like Paris Hilton, and second of all, who would want to look like Paris Hilton? She looks like a Danish hooker.

- I can’t understand why anyone would ever choose an unpredictable task like setting up an antenna instead of a concrete task like moving an item from point A to point B. Makes no sense at all.

- Nat and Kat moved from 9th place to 7th place based solely on the insane driving of their cab driver. That guy deserves a huge tip.

- Mallory doesn’t seem real. She comes across as a Saturday Night Live character that would be played by Cheri Oteri. Remember the cheerleading skit that she used to with Will Ferrell? That’s Mallory.

- Remember that choice that the singing boys made at the beginning of the leg to wait for Brook and Claire and Katie and Rachel, even though they were ahead of both teams? Well, Brook and Claire came in first, and Katie and Rachel came in second, while the boys came in 7th. Great strategy, guys.

- Andie and Jenna got eliminated. No more soft music and mother-daughter non-reminiscing. Thank God.

Next week: Nick loses his cool and Michael gets hot.

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Anonymous said...

A SNL skit, haha. I see where you are coming from concerning Mallory. I am from her hometown and if her family was not loaded, she would have probably been beaten up! The person everyone is seeing on TV is really how she is, silly as all get out.

Sean said...

Anonymous, interesting to hear that Mallory is not at all edited or extra-animated for TV. I imagine it would have been quite a chore being around her growing up. I'm sure her heart is in the right place, just a little too high-octane for me.

Anonymous said...

Nah, she is a good girl, just a little immature. She has a boatload of family and is the oldest cousin/grandchild. I have always found her lacking in social skills. Her Dad is a butt in real life. Oh lord, I am doing the small town gossip thing...hehe... I could fill you in on lots.